LIB-IT: Training

Comprehensive Online Help and ease of use means that the average user will not require training.

Lower training costs

LIBERO and FILERO's intuitive user interfaces ensure that as far as basic operations are concerned, no specific user training is needed. The function of each button is explained with messages and pop-ups and the extensive standard Windows online help ensures that when using the system considerable support is available.

Given this, training can be essentially limited to an explanation of the concepts behind the application and its structure. Only selected staff will need further instruction in managing parameters.

Training should take place as close as possible to the date that you begin to operate the system. This will ensure that there is not too long a delay between training and practical use of the system. Because LIBERO, FILERO and the Caché database system are so flexible, it is also possible to make a database available on an ordinary PC for the purposes of training staff.

Basic conditions for LIBERO training

  • Maximum of eight people per course
  • Each participant needs his or her own PC
  • WINDOWS basics and practical experience of the Windows environment

Basic conditions for FILERO training

  • Each participant needs his or her own PC
  • WINDOWS basics and practical experience of the Windows environment

Programme for training days

(excluding travelling time)

  • 09:00am – 10:45am
  • 11:00am – 12:30pm
  • 01:30pm – 03:15pm
  • 03:30pm – 05:00pm

Each day of training comprises 6 hours and 30 minutes of training.

LIBERO training normally takes place at the library. If this is not possible there is a fully equipped training room at LIB-IT GmbH and a further possibility is to undertake training at HTWK in Leipzig.

FILERO training normally takes place at your organisation. If this is not possible, there is a fully equipped training room at LIB-IT GmbH.

Training contents and schedules as well as the number of days' training will be agreed in detail, depending on the software installation.

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