Membership management

Extensive management options

Circulation has an extensive membership system, based on governing parameters. For each member for example you can enter three addresses, a guarantor, notes, internal notes, email addresses, telephone, fax, registration date, expiry date, date of birth, occupation, ID number as well as many other parameters.

Issues, reserves, items on hold, overdue notices, displaying and maintaining charges, notes and a record of changes can all be retrieved directly via buttons.

Additional functions such as setting default values on the client to make creating new member records quicker, changing borrower numbers, attaching a picture for easy member identification, resetting passwords, re-registration etc. guarantee convenient management of members.

You can search for members by name, member number, telephone number, date of birth and using a free text index.

You can go from circulation to member maintenance by using function keys, so that changes to the member record can be carried out instantly.

LIBERO contains an interface for the import of members’ data so that data from external personnel systems and systems for student administration can be used to create new member records and/or update existing details in LIBERO.

A standard interface for the import of members’ data (i.e. at the beginning of a university semester) is available

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