Thorough and flexible

The LIBERO cataloguing functions supports the user in searching and accessing the entire library / archive database with the most up to date technology and a complete MS Windows user interface.

When cataloguing, the user can choose to create records either with a screen mask whose parameters can be adjusted or with a ‘full screen editor’ for entering details in MAB or Marc format. The comprehensive and flexible online creation of parameters guarantees that LIBERO will be customized to the needs of the library / the archive, its staff and its members.

In addition, entering records with cataloguing templates is also supported. The system can handle up to four different library cataloguing formats in parallel (MAB2, UniMarc, Marc21, UKMarc). These can be completed by the library / the archive as desired. Throughout the system the length of fields and records is variable, which allows all necessary fields to be entered. Each category can be defined by the library / the archive itself – including the necessary checks which need to be carried out.

Cataloguing in a union (with a superordinate union catalogue) as well as the use of integrated authority files for authors, corporate bodies and keywords are also possible with the LIBERO cataloguing module.

Other databases (i.e. internet, Z39.50 etc.) can be searched from the cataloguing screen. If required, the selected MAB/MARC data can be imported directly into the catalogue records.

LIBERO works internally independent of format. Data formats are stored in the form in which they are imported – the classification is controlled by parameters. LIBERO therefore has the ability to simultaneously process MAB and MARC formats in the same database.

In addition, LIBERO has a local-data level which makes the processing of data from unions significantly easier, as these data can be reproduced in a form that is true to the original source

In addition, the easy to use cataloguing mask offers the ability to adjust the font size to individual requirements.

In addition to Online Help, MAB/Marc help is also available, which the library can enhance with its own information.

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