FILERO: solving key problems

Implementing an inadequate software solution for coping with day-to-day business processes can have an extremely negative impact on productivity and corporate governance.

FILERO - the strategic EIM solution

Many of you will recognize the following problem areas which employees face on a daily basis - from users to management to the IT department. All of the common problems depicted below can be remedied by the implementation of FILERO.

Challenges for management

Chaos: failure to meet legal and regulatory compliance laws:
  • CURRENT STATUS: Emails are not archived, or are archived incompletely, archiving is not appropriately and comprehensively tackled, relevant rules and regulations are not known or have not previously been implemented. THE
  • CONSEQUENCES: Data relevant to the business cannot be found, legal compliance is limited (GDPdU, GOBS, SOX), and there may be legal, economic and fiscal consequences (Basel II…).
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: Email archiving and legally compliant archiving mean that auditability will have been verified through examination.
Chaos: nobody knows what they're meant to do:
  • CURRENT PROBLEM: Organizations have no general guidelines for communication and the storage of information.
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: Efficiency is reduced and organizational transparency is non-existent.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: The process of implementing FILERO simultaneously consolidates information and communication guidelines.
Multilingual requirements not provided for:
  • CURRENT PROBLEM: Insufficient support of multilingual requirements causes communication problems for firms who go global.
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: Data relevant to the business cannot be found in different languages, data is stored in different character sets and the wrong decisions are made due to incomplete information.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: FILERO uses a standardized international character set (Unicode) and offers multilingual operator guidance. There is automatic access to all data in all languages and multilingual searches are permitted.

Challenges for users

Chaos: frustrated users and a loss of productivity:
  • CURRENT STATUS: The amount of time taken to search for data is excessively long (due to the chaotic filing of the same data by different people in different places). Search engines alone do not guarantee the finding of data. There is a lack of structuring, clarity, classification and linking of data.
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: Long search-times, data relevant to the business cannot be found, loss of productivity.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: Structured and central filing, intelligent search functions and the ability to search historical data (previous versions of data records). A clear and logical overview of metadata results in a transparent organization of data.
Chaos: Individual rather than coordinated organization of work: 
  • CURRENT STATUS: Data management is unorganized and often carried out on an individual rather than a coordinated basis. Unspecific or even random naming of processes and documents occurs.
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: The relevant data cannot be found and there is a lack of data transparency. Productivity is reduced.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: Data is available company wide and up to date at all times. Metadata is interpreted and data is structured. Data is transparent and access rights can be made appropriate to the period and content (i.e. only data relevant to tax within a certain period is made available to the auditor).

Challenges for the IT department

Lack of access to data:
  • CURRENT STATUS: No potential for communication on public networks = access to data is dependent on infrastructure.
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: Access not possible from all locations = delay of business processes and decisions because of a lack of availability of information.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: Web based, independent of browser, SSL encryption.
Complicated and incompatible systems:
  • CURRENT STATUS: Complex and heterogeneous IT systems, historically evolved IT environment. Merging/acquisition/restructuring often make the problem worse.
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: Incompatible data, standards and interfaces = creation of unsupportable software, higher costs for storage and back-up as well as a loss of productivity.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: Consolidation of data, integration of data across the system, standard API functionality (for import/export of data with other systems) and standard interfaces - all resulting in an increase in productivity.    
Lack of security:
  • CURRENT STATUS: Data management in an email server is not secure (because email servers were not designed as archive servers).
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: Data is lost.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: Data management in the FILERO Database (no longer in the email server) = deletion of data only possible if authorized.
Life cycle of data not considered:
  • CURRENT STATUS: Due to the unorganized management of data, there are little or no criteria concerning the life cycle of data.
  • THE CONSEQUENCES: The seperation/loss of data is not controllable. This leads to high costs due to the length of time data is stored and also possible legal consequences.
  • SOLUTION WITH FILERO: Data life cycle is controlled with freely selectable status information and deletion of data is only possible with the necessary authorization.

FILERO: the comprehensive solution

Not only does FILERO offer a stark increase in productivity through its easy to use single point of access to all data, but its archiving and versioning capabilities ensure legal compliance and complete transparency of an organization's processes as well. Because FILERO is a flexible modular system which can be implemented in phases, it can be adapted to your specific requirements and can be implemented in a short time frame, saving time and money.

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