FILERO: the right investment

FILERO is cost-effective, fast to install, easy to use and provides a large amount of functionality.

Lower development and installation costs

FILERO can be implemented far faster than other EIM systems. A quick and efficient installation will save you time and money. In addition, as a result of the use of efficient object-oriented technology, development time and therefore development costs are reduced.

Lower training and support costs

Intuitive and application-specific online help means that FILERO is particularly easy to use. As a result, no special training is required for the end user. Installation costs will not spiral due to costly and unnecessary training. Our comprehensive support services are excellent value for money and and you can rest assured that any questions will be answered promptly and effective solutions will be provided quickly.

Investing in your future

FILERO offers true scalability to grow with your business, as FILERO can be adapted to fit the changing needs of your organization as it grows and develops. In addition, we provide all future releases and upgrades of FILERO to our customers at no extra cost during the period of a valid maintenance agreement. This means that all FILERO customers are able to use the most recent and up-to-date version of FILERO.

FILERO is the right decision for all departments in your organization. Management, users and the IT department all have fundamentally different requirements concerning EIMS – FILERO offers advantages for all:

  • Management
  • Users
  • IT departments

Our aim: innovative solutions through intelligent software
Our commitment: better value for you
Our top priority: customer satisfaction!

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