How does FILERO differ from other ECM solutions?

FILERO is faster to install, easier to use and provides more functionality than other systems due to the unique way that it structures data.

Outdated solutions

Many of the leading ECM vendors originally come from traditional document or record management system backgrounds and therefore do not have expertise in storing and searching all types of structured and unstructured data like LIB-IT DMS. FILERO uses sophisticated and user defined hierarchical data structures for efficient searching. Traditional systems often use different databases, different user-interfaces and separate search engines. That clearly requires too much training, is too expensive and is too time consuming.

The problem with metadata

In many document management and archiving systems, so-called metadata are stored for each document. When saving a document, the user is requested to complete a mask with (meta) data such as a customer name and subject heading.

Let’s assume that a secretary stores 10 letters/documents concerning company ABC and enters the company name ABC in the metadata each time. Quite rightly, these 10 letters and thus the complete correspondence with the company ABC can now be found in the document archive.

Problems arise if the company changes its name to XYZ (as a result of a merger or takeover for example):

Naturally the secretary will now enter the name XYZ in the metadata the next time a document or letter is received. None of the current document management systems can retrospectively amend the existing letters and documents stored under ABC with the new name XYZ. The ability to find all letters and documents concerning the company XYZ is thus lost. From now on, all the information concerning the company that was previously called ABC must be searched for twice in order to obtain the full correspondence.

Conventional document management/archiving systems cannot solve this problem.

New approaches to Enterprise Information Management

Unlike conventional products, FILERO allows the structured organization of unstructured data.

In addition, relationships between objects can be established by the use of links. For example an email that relates to 3 different transactions only needs to be physically stored in FILERO once.

This means that metadata does not need to be attached to each and every document or email; rather documents and emails can be attached to the corresponding metadata. FILERO therefore has the following advantages:

  • Users must not constantly enter the same metadata each time – in fact, they do not need to worry about the metadata at all - This makes life far easier for the end user
  • When the metadata are changed, they are likewise changed for all attached documents and emails - All relevant data can therefore always be found

Versatility of FILERO

As most companies already have an existing IT structure, it makes much more sense to let FILERO make use of existing applications and databases, so that FILERO can transform existing data into information by combining and using different data sources:

A FILERO customer can attach existing applications such as Document Management, Archiving Systems, Management Information Systems, and Knowledge Management Systems etc. to FILERO.

If the customer wants, FILERO can also take over the functions of existing systems. A FILERO customer can thus choose between combining existing applications such as Document Management, Archiving Systems, Content Management Systems, Knowledge Management Systems etc. with FILERO or replacing them with FILERO.

Experience has shown that users quickly become so familiar with FILERO that they want to place all their data in FILERO and transfer the functions of existing systems to FILERO. FILERO does not just combine existing applications – it can also replace them and further save costs.

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