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GDPdU - Compliance

Compliance with the latest legal regulations need not be expensive and time-consuming.

The implementation of systems which are exclusively used to fulfil legal requirements can be counterproductive. The best way for a firm to protect itself from legal consequences is to implement a professional and comprehensive archiving solution, which will increase transparency and efficiency within an organisation.

FILERO Enterprise Information Management does not require any costly changes to your existing IT environment, has a considerable effect on productivity levels and helps prepare an organisation for the challenges of legally-compliant archiving.

The following video is in German but English subtitles are available. Please click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video player and select the subtitles option.


sorry - video only available in German. Watch it as a silent movie - you will perfectly understand what it is about!

Archiving documents in FILERO

FILERO is designed to make it easy for any user at a workstation to route documents to the system. There are several ways to send electronic documents to FILERO.

Updating documents already stored in FILERO is also exceptionally easy. Full versioning capabilities mean that all changes are veifiable and the user can always access all versions of a document from a single location.

Archiving documents in FILERO

Searching in FILERO

FILERO contains an efficient user interface for simple and complex searches and offers the end user exceptionally short response times.

FILERO's highly performant full text search engine is based on the very latest indexing technology. This technology is fundamental in providing the level of performance that is required for users to full text search terabytes of complex customer enterprise content using only a web browser.

Searching in FILERO

Structured organization of unstructured data

Many of the leading ECM vendors originally come from traditional document or record management system backgrounds and therefore do not have expertise in storing and searching all types of structured and unstructured data like LIB-IT DMS. FILERO uses sophisticated and user defined hierarchical data structures for efficient searching. Traditional systems often use different databases, different user-interfaces and separate search engines. That clearly requires too much training, is too expensive and is too time consuming.

The following video shows how efficient hierachical data structures are by giving an example of a typical problematic situation which is easily solved in FILERO.

Structured organization of unstructured data


With the new tool FILEROader from LIB-IT DMS, large amounts of structured data can be imported quickly and easily into a central database.

FILEROader also offers the user the opportunity to export data from the FILERO system to an Excel spreadsheet for further use. The whole process is quick, efficient and reliable. All steps of the import/export processes are logged so that the user can re-examine and verify every single step.


One way how FILERO improves productivity - integration with One Click Solution products!

Don't type. Click! One way how FILERO improves productivity. With just one click you can archive all types of paper documents with additional FILERO solutions.

One way how FILERO improves productivity!

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