FILERO offers an open, thoroughly documented API over which either LIB-IT DMS GmbH on behalf of the customer or indeed the customer himself can create individual interfaces to FILERO.

In addition to the individual interfaces, there are of course a number of ready-made interfaces with standard software – predominantly in the sectors Microsoft Office, Financial Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning.

SAP /R3 (click here for detailed information)


The use of the certified, bidirectional interface between SAP® /R3® and FILERO has many advantages for companies.

Stop having to search in a host of sites!

To conform to the various Compliance directives, for example those contained in the GDPdU (Principles of Data Access and Auditing of Digital Documents), you are required to assign all tax-relevant paper and electronic documents to the respective commercial transactions and/or activities on an accrual basis, in order to be able to call them up collectively at any time. Up to now, bringing together all the necessary components resulted in additional, manual work which consumed both time and money. The use of certified SAP®-interfaces for FILERO meets this challenge completely automatically. You are thus optimally prepared – even for an upcoming tax audit.

SAP®-Interfaces for Continually Synchronous Systems

Thanks to certified SAP®-Interfaces, FILERO offers you an integrated solution with the opportunity to arrive rapidly and selectively at the right information in the right document. All data, bills and receipts,correspondence and e-mails, accounting records, journals or master data, tenders, delivery notes, invoices, expense receipts or time records are then no longer distributed over several systems, but are stored in a central archiving und data-recall system.

To be able to call up documents in both systems, the FILERO ERP-Server also offers you a certified SAP ArchiveLinkTM-Host, in which FILERO can be defined through Customizing as the storage target for outgoing documents and receipts. All documents will be automatically archived. Thus, even after a rearrangement, you remain not only synchronous with both systems, but are also able to retrieve the documents rapidly, easily and in their proper correlation due to the Google-like, easy-to-use full-text search facility.

More than Archiving and Retrieval

An open, thoroughly documented API allows you to connect additionally to further systems and thus ensure data interchange also here. You not only profit from archiving and retrieval – as a fully-developed Enterprise-Information-Management-System,

FILERO also adapts seamlessly to your individual requirements. Whether it is the familiar filing system or the linking of content, the management of rights allocation or screen masks:
You determine what FILERO can do for you.


FibuNet, WebIC - and SEPA


The FibuNet accountancy software from FibuNet GmbH is extremely effective and complies with current legislation. Using FibuNet you can thoroughly automate and improve your accounting processes.

An interface to FILERO is a perfect supplement to the software, allowing you to optimize data-recall and archiving in your company.

The interface allows the exchange of master data between both systems, the transfer of accounting records from FILERO to FibuNet as well as the transfer of bills and receipts, the archiving of invoices, delivery dockets etc. Due to the indexing of all structured data in FILERO (e.g. data from business partners, orders, contracts etc.) and the indexing of all accounting records and invoices together with all of the associated correspondence (e-mails, documents, PDFs etc.), the search for exactly "the one relevant piece of information" becomes child's play.


Even if you have automated your invoice review and processing with WebIC, the FILERO interface allows you to archive the processed documents in an audit-compliant manner, and to find them easily and rapidly with aid of the easy-to-use FILERO full-text search.


The new regulations for international monetary transactions result in an administrative effort for companies which is not be underestimated. To support you in the most effective handling possible, we will shortly be developing a SEPA-interface between FILERO and FibuNet.

The requisite documents will be archived in FILERO; the data (e.g. validity periods and deadlines) will be available for use in FibuNet. Mutual links allow rapid access to all information.

IBR Reustlen (AS 400)

ERP System Solution i3

The interface to this ERP software offers companies the advantage that the data carried in an AS/400 can be easily found and recalled by all members of staff.

In addition, all relevant e-mails and documents can be stored in thematic correlation with the structured data from the ERP system.

Thus, FILERO is also here the ideal archiving system to supplement the ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV


If Microsoft Dynamics covers the requirements for ERP and CRM in your company, FILERO can also offer here the ideal supplement in terms of audit-compliant archiving and the integration of a large amount of data content into a central data-recall system.
Speed up the search for company-relevant content!

AutoClick (One Click Solutions)

Automated data logging with subsequent storage of the recorded data in FILERO – including the registered bills, receipts and documents.

More information can be found here


Microsoft Office

A direct integration in the form of MS Office Add-Ins for the FILERO Client is available for the Microsoft Office products Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With the aid of the Add-Ins, documents from the MSOffice products can be archived in FILERO directly. In reverse, documents already archived in FILERO can be opened from FILERO in the relevant application.

After opening, the documents can then be further used or even edited and then rewritten to FILERO as a new document version. Furthermore, the documents can be archived under a new name at the same or a different storage location in FILERO – simply with a few mouse clicks.



The highest degree of integration of FILERO in an e-mail program is attained with Microsoft Outlook. Via an Add-In we insert a complete panel of our own into the Outlook user-interface so that the user can directly archive e-mails and their attachments in FILERO from Outlook.

The Outlook panel can also be used in the search for a suitable storage location in FILERO. Working with Favorites and the last-used storage locations is also possible.

Further information can be found here

Lotus Notes E-Mail

E-mails together with their attachments can also be sent individually or in a batch process from Lotus Notes to storage locations in FILERO. This is made possible by a special menu plug-in which does not require any change in the Lotus Notes schematic.

In reverse, the e-mails and their attachments from FILERO can naturally also be opened in the corresponding application (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Word ...).

A new option since the summer of 2013 is the automated batch-transfer of e-mails which will be stored in a specific folder on a work station. These e-mails will be collected by FILERO, then if desired read out and processed according to specific criteria and subsequently transferred to storage locations in FILERO.


A plug-in is also available for Thunderbird, allowing the transfer of e-mails and attachments to FILERO. Opening these elements from FILERO is naturally also possible.


Mozilla withdrew from further active development of Thunderbird in the summer of 2012. We will be observing how the distribution and use of this e-mail program is developing, and in due course decide whether this plug-in should be further developed or supported.

Context menu in Windows Explorer

With the aid of the FILERO-specific context menus, files and documents can be sent from Windows Explorer to FILERO either individually, as a batch or even as a whole directory including sub-directories.

Depending on the parameter settings in FILERO, your personal favorite storage locations and the last-used 10 locations will be offered in addition to the active location.

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