FILERO Installation

FILERO applications can be installed in a short timeframe and what’s more can be adapted to meet your exact requirements.

Clever technology = reduced development time

The FILERO system is a functionally rich, easy to implement, flexible, web-based EIMS product which is highly cost effective. This has been achieved by using the very latest software technologies, open architectures and the powerful CACHE object-oriented database technology.

This has resulted in less code being required to develop FILERO, leading to reduced development time and therefore lower cost. Maybe even more importantly, FILERO’s design architecture and product philosophy will result in reduced maintenance and ongoing development costs. Consequently, we are able to provide all new release versions and upgrades of FILERO, as well as new releases for the CACHE database, under the standard FILERO maintenance contract. This means that that all FILERO customers will always be able to run the very latest FILERO software.

A versatile system for a range of industries

Another major benefit of using the very latest software technologies is that the system is scalable, and requires only one multilingual version of the software worldwide. FILERO is therefore suited to a wide range of organizations – be it a small installation with just a few users, or a large multinational company with terabytes of Corporate Enterprise information as well as thousands of users. FILERO has been designed from the outset to be highly performant, as it manages complex relationships between varied Enterprise data objects. This means that the diverse corporate information requirements of individual users can be satisfied.

In the current difficult global business environment EIMS customers are no longer prepared to implement software that is too complex, with installation projects taking many months or even years to install. They also avoid entering into contracts that are too expensive, as the Return On Investment (ROI) of any new software project is becoming increasingly important.

FILERO applications can be implemented in phases, with the ability to integrate with existing systems where appropriate and to adapt to company processes. The amount of disruption to an organization is thus kept to a minimum. As an example, a FILERO application for an IT asset management system can be implemented in days. The organization can then carry out a “proof of concept” evaluation of FILERO and evaluate whether or not the estimated implementation costs are being adhered to.

Quick, easy and cost-efficient installation and updates

  • FILERO is a fully web-browser based system: No PC client software needs to be installed or updated (except for a web browser!)
  • No PC Upgrades are required for the new FILERO releases
  • No additional hardware is needed
  • The existing IT infrastructure can be used
  • FILERO is independent of the patchlevel of the operating system
  • FILERO can run on a Linux platform, using an open source browser
  • A FILERO application can be implemented in 2-6 weeks
  • An application can be written in 2-5 days
  • The FILERO server system, including the Caché database, can be installed within 10 minutes
  • A new FILERO system update can be installed in a few minutes

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