Simple and effective data entry

The customer defined display allows the input of structured and unstructured data.

Flexible and easy to use

System users can add, change and save data - according to their access roles and rights. The text and contents of files are automatically extracted, full text indexed and made searchable.

If the system user wants to store a data record, the system checks this action by means of previously specified rules (parameters) e.g. range inspection, sampling inspection, parameter files, compulsory fields etc., which have been set up by the administrator. The automatically produced screens are completed by a structure overview which shows the position of the input data in relation to other data records in the structure:

A number of similar data records can easily be created using the convenient “Save and create another record” button, which saves the user even more time.

FILERO Client (Plug In)

The FILERO Client offers seamless integration of the workstation PC and Microsoft Office package (versions 2000, XP, 2003 & 2007) into the FILERO system. The sending of emails, Office documents and all kinds of other files from the PC to the FILERO system is only a click away with the FILERO Client. The easy-to-use and well arranged user interface provides the system user with an overview of the transfer status of data and documents:

The FILERO Client can also be used when there is no online connection to the FILERO system. In such cases, all data are marked to be transferred and placed in a data buffer. The documents/files are transferred as soon as an online connection to the FILERO system is established again.

The FILERO Client requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows 2000, XP or Vista) as well as up-to-date Service Packs and .net 2.0.

There are several easy to use methods for sending files to FILERO via the FILERO Client:

FILERO Client & Windows Explorer

In Windows Explorer the system user can right-click on a file or a folder and then select "Send to" and then "FILERO" in the context menu. Alternatively it is also possible to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to the FILERO Client window:

FILERO Buttons for importing e.g. in MS Outlook and in MS Word

In MS Word as well as MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, the buttons “Send to FILERO” and “Update in FILERO” are available, so that just one click is sufficient to enact the transfer to the FILERO archive. In this example, A simple click on the button and the selected email will be sent to FILERO.

If a document (or another Office file) from FILERO has been generated by template, it can automatically be archived back to FILERO.

(Templates can be added to FILERO. This means that the customer can easily create MS Word documents, which can then be enriched by data from FILERO – e.g. a standard letter can be completed with the name and address of the recipient using data from FILERO).

If a document is saved once in FILERO it can be used by all FILERO applications. This is a significant advantage of FILERO – data need only be entered once, saving you time and money.

Integration with Thunderbird and Lotus Notes

Integration with Lotus Notes is available from FILERO version 1.7.2. Integration with Thunderbird email is also available.

Additional possibilities

With Digital Pen&Paper paper forms can be filled out by hand, automatically processed and then archived in FILERO.

ClickReader allows quick and easy entry of data from physical documents such as invoices, contracts and delivery notes – in fact, almost every kind of document! Documents are scanned and information can be transferred quickly with just one mouse click and the data does not have to be manually entered each time.

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