Online Help

The help system provides users with a general overview of FILERO functions as well as context sensitive help pages.

Context sensitive Online Help

FILERO's easy to use application-specific help can be adapted according to the wishes of the customer. The intuitive online help reduces the need for expensive training, which means that new or even temporary staff can begin using the system immediately.

FILERO Standard Online Help is available in both English and German, but can be translated, adapted or added to by the customer according to the requirements of their organization.

There are also variable access rights for all online help pages. FILERO’s default access entitlements stipulate that only users with administration rights have access to the online administration help. All users have access to the online user help. These settings can of course be altered.

Key Features

  • Context sensitive help system for all pages in the FILERO system
  • Key word and index searches
  • Hyperlinks
  • Screenshot examples included in the online help


Due to the ability of the customer to completely shape the application specific online help, the majority of end users will not require much in the way of training. Training costs are therefore considerably reduced.

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