Integrated search functions

FILERO offers a highly versatile integrated search platform.

FILERO contains an efficient user interface for simple and complex searches and offers the end user exceptionally short response times.

FILERO's highly performant full text search engine is based on the very latest indexing technology. This technology is fundamental in providing the level of performance that is required for users to full text search terabytes of complex customer enterprise content using only a web browser.

The global search

The global search is the default display when a user logs into FILERO. This function offers a ‘Google-style’ search engine interface that allows for easy searching of all data records (or for all the data records for which the particular user has access rights). Each data record has its own unique FILERO ID which is searchable.

A variety of intelligent search options

The use of Boolean operators provides a further means with which to narrow the scope of a search and to receive more accurate search results.

FILERO offers a quick search function which lets a user pre-save a useful or regularly used search and access it with just one click. There are three different types of quick search. Quick searches can be set by the administrator and offered to all users or particular user-groups, or can be designed by each individual user according to their own needs.

The category search allows the user to perform a more accurate search when the user already knows what type of data record they are looking for. The user can easily narrow their search to emails, contracts, invoices or many different types of data.

The field search allows a specific search in one field - for example a user could target their search to the sender, receiver or subject of an email.

Flexibility for you

The following searches and data views are possible in FILERO:

  • Within all content (full-text, wildcards ...)
  • Formats (email, PDF ...)
  • Linked data / within structures (descendant of)
  • Historical indexes (previous versions of data records)
  • Limited searches (e.g. restricted to date...)
  • Quick searches (for recurring searches)
  • Changed by / created by
  • Pursuance of links
  • The user only sees data which he is entitled to see

'Forbidden' word lists, synonym lists and stop word lists are user defined and freely configurable.

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