Electronic and physical archiving

FILERO's standard circulation component allows the tracking of physical materials.

Flexibility for you

In FILERO every type of data record and structure can – according to the customer’s requirements – be created for the administration of an archive inventory, e.g. files and folders. Archive materials can also be combined to create larger units.

The data from different user-groups (and customers) can be divided into different client solutions via virtual archives, so that archive staff can access all data, but customers could for example only search for their own records.

Physical file management with FILERO

FILERO contains a standard circulation component, which allows the tracking of physical materials (e.g. files, hardware, cars, mobile telephones etc).

With the FILERO circulation function, individual data records can be reserved, loaned and returned, as long as the corresponding user has sufficient access rights. Assignment of access rights allows the loan of such materials in the name of another FILERO system user (for example a secretary borrows something in the name of her boss). Every system-user has the possibility to control the current status of their own borrower account (including reservations, loans and returns).

An additional batch circulation feature allows the rapid processing of borrowing and returning for specific tasks.

Subject to certain conditions, the loan can also take place on behalf of a non-FILERO user (for example if an archive manages and loans data records/files on behalf of an external client).

In addition, further data records e.g. for accounting and statistics can be defined for purposes which then are used by the integrated report generator to create reports, statistics, accounting documents etc.

The combined electronic and physical administration of files is made possible by FILERO.

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