Data views in FILERO

In FILERO, all data is clearly structured and can be grouped, sorted or linked according to the user's needs.

Structure display in FILERO

When looking at a data record, the hierarchy of all associated data records is always shown on the left hand side. All information is therefore immediately at hand for the user.

The following diagram illustrates a simple example of a data hierarchy:

There can be as many hierarchies as necessary for your organization. These are set up by the system administrator. The hierarchies are easily navigable due to the use of icons:

It is extremely easy to see which type of data records are in the hierarchy just by means of a quick glance. The structure and relevant icons are completely adaptable – every FILERO system is different because the data structure in FILERO can be completely built to suit the needs of your organization.

Automatic Grouping and Sorting

In order to provide the user with a better overview, data records can be automatically sorted and grouped within a structure. In the example underneath the data records are shown one under another – in order to see the most recent data record, the user would have to scroll down.

In the next example, however, the same data records are grouped according to year, then month, and are sorted in descending order:


The principle of linking in FILERO is particularly effective. Data can be linked with one another by the end user inside FILERO, so that relationships between content can be clearly shown. To take an example: A user wants to store one email in two separate locations. In FILERO he must only archive the email once. In the following example it is easy to see how the same email is visible twice due to the use of a link:

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