Complete versioning of data

FILERO has secure and powerful settings for versioning, ensuring the auditability of data.

Data security

FILERO provides logging of every interaction (new creation, editing, loan etc.). All changes in the FILERO database are logged with the user name, date and details of the change. This ensures the complete verifiability of every interaction and ensures transparency of your organization’s work processes.

Each data record has its own unique FILERO ID which is searchable. The info-box (at the top of every data record in FILERO) shows which version of a data record you are viewing and when the record was last edited. With the appropriate permissions a system user can see the complete edit history of a record. Each change can be displayed in detail and easily followed by the user:

If you are looking at the edit history of a document (or another file) the previous version of the document can also be called up. The versioning cannot be switched off and applies to all types of data records and all system users.

FILERO helps you to comply with legal and regulatory requirements by archiving all historical data and providing complete transparency of all interactions.

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