System administration

FILERO offers an extensive system area for administrative functions.

The set-up and administration of the system are carried out in the ‘system area’ of FILERO. The customer-specific applications are created here and administrators have complete control over access rights and user management.

Structuring your database

All data and the data structures (meta data, data layout, data category, fields etc.) in FILERO are completely user defined - there is no pre-defined structure or workflow. All data and data structures that need to be managed can be defined by the customer using a standard FILERO administrative user interface. The FILERO administrative user interface can be used to dynamically create, adapt, and maintain fields, indexes, users, role concepts and hierarchies for the individual FILERO applications.

You can find further information about data structures here.

Comprehensive administrative settings

he administrative user interface is extremely flexible. Data layouts and user roles may even be changed at runtime, without stopping and restarting the system - authorized administrators can change all definitions online. Audit trails of all transactions (new records, updates, etc.) are maintained by FILERO, and security levels can be implemented, so that these audit trails cannot be deleted or altered, even by administrators (unless authorized).

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