Customer defined data structures

Data structures in FILERO are completely adaptable to the needs of the customer.

All data and data structures (e.g. data category, relationships among data types, fields, etc.) used within the FILERO system are defined by the customer, using a standard FILERO administrative user interface. In the ‘system area’ fields, indexes, users, role concepts and hierarchies for the individual FILERO applications can be dynamically created, adapted and maintained.

Classes and archives

All data can be stored in user defined data structures, stored as both structured data and unstructured data. These data structures are called classes.

The user can define as many classes as needed and can link these classes to each other within so called archives to create dependencies between data.

For each class the customer can define the needed number of attributes (fields) of different types (Time, Date, Number, Text, Decimal, ID Generator, Class link, Flag etc.).

A class can be used in different structures, e.g. documents can be attached to a person's record or a file record.

Each archive, and within the archive, each class, can be provided with different access rights so that each user can only see, add and change data which he is entitled to.


For each attribute type (Time, Date, Number, Text, Decimal, ID Generator, Class link, Flag etc.) the system administrator can define further parameters such as Mandatory, Multivalue, Unique Occurrence, Pattern Validation, Area Validation, Field Length, Field Width, Number of Lines, Position on Screen, Colours etc.

Straightforward administration

After having defined all classes and attributes the FILERO compiling process will automatically generate:

  • a data entry screen
  • areas for data and indexes within the database
  • a professional search screen
  • SQL mapping for access via ODBC/SQL interface

After adding a class to the appropriate archive it will be available for all users who have access rights to it.

An integrated plausibility check can be carried out during data input. As FILERO supports variable field and variable length record handling, the whole process of data structure definition is completely simplified.

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