FILERO: Key Features at a glance

Easy adaptability

  • Corporate processes need not be altered
  • Reproduction of parallel and hierarchical corporate structures
  • Immediate operation, short implementation period
  • Single Sign-On

High-quality data management

  • Data replication with other systems (API)
  • Easy migration of existing archives and files
  • Historical logging of all interactions (creation, editing etc)
  • Variable field and record lengths throughout
  • Attachment/storage of all types of data
  • Storage of data keys from other, secondary systems
  • Unlimited number of relationships between records, files and documents

High-performance, convenient full-text searching through global indexing

  • “Google-Style“ global search
  • Category search (e.g. only in Emails)
  • Field search (e.g. in subject and/or in the text of an email)
  • Searches for terms, partial-terms, historical data (previous versions of data records) etc.
  • Searches within structures
  • Searches within user-defined configurable hit lists
  • Quick Searches (can also be personalized, e.g. per user-group, system wide)
  • Searches with Boolean operators
  • Hierarchy display / sorting
  • Direct retrieval of emails, documents, PDFs etc.

Security through integrated user management

  • Connection to existing user-management systems (Active Directory, LDAP etc.)
  • User / Group-based access concept
  • Support for password conventions

Secure-investment technology

  • Web-based – worldwide access over internet and/or intranet (SSL)
  • Independent of platform
  • High performance, extremely stable, massively scalable
  • Standard interfaces (e.g. ODBC, JDBC, XML, SOAP)
  • Minimal expenditure on administration and maintenance
  • Full Journaling, Roll-Back Recovery
  • Standard API for all system areas
  • Administrative interfaces for the creation, definition and maintenance of fields, users, group concepts and archiving hierarchies.

User interface freely designable

  • Adaptable to the corporate identity of an organisation (CSS)
  • Multilingual, multimedia-based and interactive
  • Icons / Colours for visualization
  • Controlled data input via reference tables with parameter values, pattern matching (integrated plausibility check)

Personalization – MyFilero

  • Completely personalisable web-based user interface
  • Overview of files/materials currently on loan
  • Circulation history
  • Password alteration
  • Individual Quick Searches
  • RSS-Feeds

Functions for the physical archive

  • File management / depository / archiving
  • Issuing / circulation / distribution
  • Standard labeling
  • Barcode and RFID support
  • Overview of files, archive materials, attachments and user-account information
  • Email integration (e.g. for pick-up, recalls, search requests by email)
  • Reservation function for files on loan
  • Processes for the controlled destruction of records

Excellent integration features

  • MS Outlook integration with extraction of attachments and complete indexing
  • MS Office (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007): MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint integration with complete indexing
  • Call up of MS Word templates from FILERO with data entry and storage in FILERO
  • MS Visio with text extraction and full indexing
  • Text extraction through the installation of further standard-IFilters e.g. for OpenOffice or AutoCAD (.dwg, .dwf...)
  • PDF integration with complete indexing
  • Lotus Notes Email integration with extraction of attachments and complete indexing
  • Thunderbird Email integration with extraction of attachments and complete indexing
  • Attachment of image, audio/video files as well as URLS etc.
  • OCR and scanner integration
  • Automatic OCR recognition (by integration of ABBYY-FineReader on the server) for at least the following image formats / languages:
    • German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Chinese
  • Integrated report generator
  • API including complete documentation

Context-sensitive Online Help

  • FILERO Standard Online-Help in English and German
  • Customer-generated, user-defined Online-Help
  • Access management for all Online-Help pages

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