ReportWeaver allows the user direct and simple access to a range of customized reports via their normal FILERO interface.

ReportWeaver: create reports quickly and easily

ReportWeaver uses an object-oriented metadata model which allows the creation of fully customized reports. In ReportWeaver the user has complete control over the look and feel as well as the structure of their report.

The ReportWeaver interface offers an intuitive design environment with a range of comprehensive features. No knowledge of SQL is necessary to begin designing reports - every detail can be controlled by the user simply and easily, right down to fonts, font sizes, colours, pictures, margins, charts, graphs and text formats etc. This is made easier by the range of intuitve and easy to use functions such as:

  • "drag and drop" of elements within reports, which speeds up report design
  • "dynamic/automatic page layout", which means that the report templates are automatically adjusted when changes are made - there's no need to spend hours manually adjusting each element in a report
  • "styles" - a collection of settings which can be applied to an element with just one click, saving time and effort. There is also a selection of pre-defined property styles which can be used straight away.

A range of sophisticated options such as grouping, sorting and filtering can also be applied to reports using ReportWeaver.

The use of filters and user-defined parameters in ReportWeaver allows the FILERO end user to be able to control which information they see in an end report by selecting options from dropdown lists and check boxes which can be used to filter results.

ReportWeaver is well integrated with FILERO and report templates are easily transferred to FILERO, where the administator can set security settings so that only the relevant users have access to the relevant reports.

ReportWeaver is easy to install and maintain, so it can be quickly deployed on client machines, without posing a strain on your IT resources. Integration with FILERO is easy to set up and easy to use.

ReportWeaver uses powerful APIs to retrieve information directly from live FILERO applications - when creating a report it is therefore always possible to preview how the report will look when filled in with real data from FILERO.

Example of report usage in FILERO

An employee needs a report listing all business contacts in the FILERO live system. ReportWeaver is used to create a report template. ReportWeaver's design interface is used to create a report which corresponds exactly to the needs of the employee.

The template is saved in ReportWeaver and then can be found in the FILERO 'System area' by clicking on a "reload" button. Here, the FILERO administrator sets access rights for the report. Only those users and user groups with the appropriate access rights will be able to access the report in FILERO.

The report can then be found in the FILERO application. If filters were added to the report template in ReportWeaver, the FILERO user is given a prompt to select their options:

The report is generated as a PDF file which can then be printed, saved or used by the appropriate user:

You can find more information about ReportWeaver at

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