Digital Pen&Paper

The terms 'paper' and 'digital' are no longer a contradiction.

A new partnership with exciting new solutions

LIB-IT DMS GmbH and SRS-Management GmbH first announced their new partnership at the DMS EXPO 2008 fair in Cologne. LIB-IT DMS was looking for ways to optimize data acquisition for FILERO. The possibilities for data entry with FILERO are numerous. In addition to data entry in the online catalogue, data can be imported in a variety of innovative ways. The latest possibility for the import of data in conjunction with SRS closes a gap in the workflow which has always proved very time and cost intensive – the paper form.

A digital world

Nearly all business processes begin and end in digital form. If handwritten forms come into play then the whole workflow is disrupted:

A typical scenario: A Sales Director is working with a CRM system. Digital. He invites his key accounts to an Exhibition. Digital. At the booth hundreds of contact reports are filled out. Digital? Unfortunately not. Numerous handwritten forms must be scanned or keyed in. Valuable time is lost in the process, potentially even a deal.

Paper forms are the most expensive gap in business processes

Paper forms are not only a drag on productivity but also efficiency. The change in data format costs organizations more than a hundred billion Euros a year. On the other hand, some maintain that paper remains indispensable for personal dialogue. Memos, delivery receipts, meter reading forms – all this is practically unimaginable without paper. Both points of view are justified, and there is now a solution for both.

Printed digital forms - effective and productive

The terms “paper” and “digital” are no longer a contradiction. With the mobile, cross-sector solution from SRS your organization can combine your external work with your central resources.

For example:

  • Enter exhibition contacts in an intelligent way and process them immediately.
  • Forward handwritten minutes, visit reports, service reports digitally and archive them directly into FILERO.
  • Fill out orders manually, process them automatically and archive them in FILERO.
  • In an archive: fill out the shelf location of files/cartons on the delivery sheet and transfer them automatically into the FILERO database.

As easy as A,B,C

An example

A prospect visits the LIB-IT booth at a trade fair. During the FILERO presentation, the prospect’s company basic details are entered into the FILERO-LIVE system. The data fields Type, Library type and Exhibition will be automatically filled in by FILERO, so that the staff member at the booth has to only enter the Company name and the Industry. The Customer ID number is automatically generated by FILERO when saving the record:

The next action is the attachment of a short record for a person, which is chosen from a list of different record types. In the personal data record, simply the Name and Surname are entered (and if applicable the Title and Title for letter fields are also filled in). Then the record for the person is saved and the printing of the Digital Paper is triggered whilst the prospect data record is simultaneously compiled in FILERO.

On the Digital Paper the fields Company Name, Surname, First Name, Date, FILERO ID are already filled in from the details in FILERO. Now the prospect fills out the form with the Digital Pen and the data is automatically sent back to FILERO according to what the prospect has entered. The handwritten document is then automatically added to FILERO and archived:

Secure transfer of data

The sending of information between Digital Pen&Paper and IT systems such as FILERO has been tested and verified by the independent security testing and inspection organization TÜViT (Technische Überwachungs Verein IT - technical inspection agency for IT).

You can find more information about this product at

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