AutoClick is a software to process documents electronically and capture their content  in an easy, fast and safe way.

How AutoClick can help

Instead of manually enter data from documents, the relevant data only needs to be clicked on to be transferred to FILERO. Just klick on the following video demo "Don't type. Click!" to see how this can work in practice.

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The current situation - slow, tedious and costly

Organizations are battling against huge amounts of documents and receipts on a daily basis. Invoices must be verified and then paid, orders arrive by fax and delivery receipts must be balanced with purchase orders. Claim letters must be matched and delivery notices must be compared with payment receipts. In many cases these documents will be captured manually, so that they can be subsequently verified or processed in a company’s EIMS. Even in companies with a large number of documents there always remain a number of documents which can only be captured manually.

A simple solution

AutoClick offers software which can quickly, simply and securely transfer documents and receipts.

Just click = increase productivity

After preprocessing with the ClickScanner, the information on the computer screen only needs to be clicked in AutoClick to be input:

Which information should be entered is first of all defined in freely configurable layouts – without input from a programmer. Fields such as check boxes and list boxes are available. The number of layouts is not restricted and during the processing of information the user can switch between layouts. During the layout definition, the software to which the captured data is being sent is specified.

ClickScanner preprocessing documents

The ClickScanner provides all the necessary preparatory work that is needed to enter documents with AutoClick simply, quickly and securely.

Typically scanned documents are stored in directories as TIF or PDF files. In order to be able to enter the documents (purchase invoices, orders, notifications of dispatch, bids, request for quotations etc.), they are initially ‘preprocessed’. This means they are analyzed with OCR-Software, the number of pages is ascertained, documents sometimes need to be rotated and so on.

All this is exactly what the ClickScanner does automatically. The preprocessing can also run automatically in the background as batch processing. The partition of different types of documents is not necessary. ClickScanner can preprocess all incoming mail.

Ease of use

The user interface has been designed according to ergonomic considerations. All necessary operations and functions during the gathering of data are all accessible by means of large buttons along the top of the screen. These are intuitive and save time. The required information is selected either with a mouse (or pen if you have a touch screen). It’s a lot quicker than drag and drop or copy and paste. Just click. Don’t type!

Advantages of AutoClick

  • Input speed is increased by 2-3 times
  • A considerably lower error ratio
  • Quick import of complicated and diverse documents
  • Information from the document is more easily managed
  • The more documents that need to be entered daily, the more effective ClickReader becomes

Combining ClickReader with FILERO = seamless integration

With AutoClick the complete integration of the manual data capture into the workflow is a success. Within FILERO the document is appended in the respective structure and the data is imported into the structured FILERO database. The integration of ClickScanner and AutoClick into an existing IT environment is easy to manage. A productive launch is typically achieved within a short period of time.


AutoClick  and ClickScanner are available as both workstation and network licenses.

You can find further information about AutoClick and ClickScanner at

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