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Type of support
Problem description
FILERO function, where problem occurs?
When did the problem occur (date)?
What did you do when the problem occured?
What did you do directly before the problem occured (e.g. which button was pressed)?
Which system user (name) was logged in?
Can the problem be reproduced by an other system user?
Is it a unique problem or can it be repeated?
Problem occurs on one single / several / every data set(s)?
If repeatable: Was this the first time? Do you have any idea about the reason?

Professional information management with FILERO and estos

FILERO, the leading web-based enterprise information management solution, is now offering an interface to MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise, the well-known…

Systematic digitalization at Poultry Farm Schönecke with FibuNet and FILERO

The digital transformation is in full progress and is leading to fundamental changes throughout the entire business world. As in many companies,…

FILERO and Sage Office Line—a perfect team

LIB-IT DMS GmbH and MS-Consult EDV-Management und Systemberatung GmbH reach a cooperative agreement on the integration of the FILERO Enterprise…

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