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APRESYS® Informations-Systeme GmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 371 775053-50

APRESYS® Informations-Systeme GmbH
Chemnitzer Straße 57
09366 Niederdorf

About APRESYS® Informations-Systeme GmbH

APRESYS contends its core business in two areas:

  1. Distribution and adaptation of commercial software solutions of the companies

    • FibuNet (Financial Accounting)
    • Pentaprise (Enterprise Solution Server)
    • LIB-IT DMS GmbH (Document Management, Enterprise Information Management System)

    Ever since the company was founded, the goal has been to be close to our customers, to understand their tasks and to offer them the right and useful software support and consulting.
    APRESYS secures the customer's success with products from strong business partners.

  2. Printing and enveloping of fee notices

    From consulting, prepress, printing to shipping logistics, the customer receives the complete service from a single source - regardless of whether he wants to realize mailings from printing to shipping or whether he simply needs print products such as training materials.

    APRESYS offers a comprehensive portfolio of digital printing services.

ebunet e. Kfm.

Phone: +49 (0) 30 747526 0

ebunet e. Kfm.
Klärwerkstr. 1a
13597 Berlin

About ebunet

ebunet is a medium sized IT company located in Berlin with over 16 years experience in the IT market.

Alongside the classic system vendor services such as consultancy, sales, installation of hardware and software, IT consulting and optimization, development and implementation, IT maintenance and service including a 24/7 service hotline, ebunet offers exclusive solutions in the following areas:

  • Archiving
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Document Management and Workflow solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Back-Up solutions

Our aim is to guide customers from consultations right through to maintenance and service every step of the way. At ebunet you will find reliable, motivated and accredited colleagues and technicians who know what they are doing. ebunet's status as a medium sized company means that - if needed - customers have access right to the very top rather than having to go through time consuming channels.

ebunet is there for you. And you can take that literally. With us, you have the right products, solutions and partners available at the right time. You will also profit from the way in which IT service processes are today managed using the most modern technologies.

ebunet's motto: "the IT landscape develops daily, that's why we stay on the ball for you. We'll take care of your IT."

FibuNet GmbH

Phone.: +49 (0) 4191 8739 0

FibuNet GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3
24568 Kaltenkirchen

About FibuNet

The name FibuNet stands for the development of innovative financial accounting and controlling systems. The headquarters are located in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg.

25 years of competence in the field of process optimization of financial accounting and corporate management have today made FibuNet one of the leading specialized suppliers. With the in-house developed financial accounting software FibuNet, the company has set the benchmark for the industry. Across Germany, FibuNet is in use in more than 1,250 medium sized and large organizations.

FibuNet offers the user the maximum degree of security, speed and functionality.

Freiheit Otsubo Consulting PartG

Phone: +49 (0)40 – 65867588

Freiheit Otsubo Consulting PartG
Jungfernstieg 44
20354 Hamburg

About Freiheit Otsubo Consulting
Hanseatics with a vision

Based in Hamburg, Freitheit Otsubo Consulting combines extensive business know-how with a passion for the development of customised technical solutions. The cross between business consulting and software development provides an all-round support starting with the analysis of business processes to the conceptional design and programming to the final product. Here, the process of consultation leads to the software solution.

Consulting Services - comprehensive and reliable

As a management consultant Freiheit Otsubo Consulting deals intensively with your business processes. The focus is on your needs, your business goal or problem. The consulting firm sees itself as a reliable partner that provides its customers with sustainable solutions and highlights possibilities of long-term optimisation.

Software development - customised and effective 

Software development is creating customised technical solutions for your business. This can mean optimising your existing systems or the integration of new software into the IT infrastructure - all according to your individual position. Freiheit Otsubo Consulting offer a wide range of IT solutions, focusing on the introduction of ERP systems and cloud-based products. Freiheit Otsubo Consulting is an SAP Solution Partner, which advises and develops SAP BusinessByDesign based business solutions. 

At Freiheit Otsubo Consulting we combine Hanseatic entrepreneurship with modern technological thinking.

Luithle + Luithle GmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 7143 8442-0
Fax: +49 (0) 7143 8442-500
eMail: andreas.luithle(at)

Luithle + Luithle GmbH
Zachersweg 14
74376 Gemmrigheim

Solutive GmbH & Co. KG

Phone: +49 (0) 6205 - 28060-0
eMail: info(at)

Solutive GmbH & Co. KG
St. Leoner Straße 8b
68809 Neulußheim

About Solutive

The experts of Solutive have a special know-how and extensive experience in change and transport management as well as in customer relationship management (CRM) and possess a wide experience in the development and migration of SAP solutions and interfaces.

Xpoint Software GmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 9227 - 9450-0
+49 (0) 9227 - 9450-10
eMail: info(at)

Xpoint Software GmbH
Buchenstraße 6
95339 Neuenmarkt

About Xpoint

Innovative software custom made for the petroleum branch of trade. The software X-oil includes an interface to the Enterprise Information Management System FILERO.

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