What is workflow and how will I benefit from it?

Workflow refers to managing a complicated process that involves multiple resources and persons to produce a final product, and that requires certain steps to occur in order for proper completion. Workflow management benefits workers by asking them to do their assigned task in the project only when all required prerequisites are in place. Your ‘inbox’ will not be cluttered by items waiting for something, making it easier for you to assess the amount of work you need to do now and how to work that into your day.

Workflow management also automatically passes the project to the next person in the chain after you have completed your task. This speeds the process and reduces the need for emails and phone calls to notify the next step.

Finally, a properly designed workflow ensures that no steps are left out of the process.

How will the system help me to track documents throughout the workflow process?

FILERO has many flexible features that can be utilized for effective workflow management.

FILERO can automatically notify you when a data record / a process can be worked on. For example, the field search function will allow you to search for records where a specific field is blank, or contains a key word or setting. This may signal that the object is ready for you to work on. If you save this field search as a Quick Search, you can click it many times a day to keep abreast of records needing your attention.

Can managers easily monitor the progress of employees to help evenly distribute tasks and ensure productivity?

Yes. In addition, a manager can search to see exactly what each user has achieved and where the bottlenecks in the system are.

Does the system allow more than one person to work on a document at a time?

Without debating the advisability of this, especially given the document compliance risk, yes, this is possible in FILERO, although not by design.

FILERO has an advanced version-control system designed to keep records of which user changed what without relying on the document itself to report that. If a user wants to edit a Word document for example, they retrieve it from FILERO by clicking on the purple FILERO folder icon. After the edits are complete, the user clicks the ‘Update in FILERO’ toolbar button in Word. This returns the document to the same FILERO location, but with an automatically incremented FILERO version number. As the latest version, it now becomes the default version when it shows up in a search.

If someone else retrieves, edits, and returns the document to FILERO, it will have yet another version number, and FILERO will record which user was responsible. If the two users are working at the same time, they will each create a new FILERO version. All the versions are saved in FILERO and are easily accessible.

This situation should not be a problem, as there is a clear way to resolve this. In order to incorporate the work of both editors into a final document, the most recent version created by each is retrieved from FILERO, then the familiar MS Word “Compare and Merge” function is used to create a composite document and resolve editing conflicts.

The final document can then be saved back to FILERO as the final version.

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