What are the advantages of a FILERO Enterprise Information Management System?

What kind of efficiencies should I expect from FILERO?

  1. If it’s in FILERO, you’ll never lose it.
  2. If it’s in FILERO, you’ll always be able to retrieve it (and re-use it) with speed and ease, even if you don’t know where in FILERO it was originally stored, who created it, or who stored it.
  3. If it’s in FILERO, you’ll be able to view and retrieve multiple versions of a document or record, view who changed what when, and avoid duplicate copies in different states floating around on multiple computers. The versioning capabilities of FILERO will save a considerable amount of time.
  4. If it’s in FILERO, you can access it from any internet-enabled computer (you can also restrict it to certain domains, such as your intranet, which could be accessed from elsewhere via VPN). You can modify records from any browser. You can transfer new documents into FILERO from any networked computer that has the small FILERO Client software plug-in installed (this software does NOT carry restrictions on number of installations). Alternatively you can transfer documents into FILERO directly without the FILERO Client. Depending on the methods used and the server configuration (i.e. available iFilters), this can have implications on text extraction and the indexing of the contents of the data.
  5. If it’s a physical resource that circulates among FILERO users, you’ll be able to track who has it now, who wants it and when it's reserved.
  6. If it’s in FILERO, you’ll be freed from trying to maintain a traditional folder-based system with a file-naming convention that no one seems to be able to follow. FILERO automatically creates a data- and metadata-based identifier for each document or object. Since your system administrator designs the pattern for that identifier, it will make sense to the users and will be consistent for every document placed there. The identifier displays in the hit list of a search and is the basis for sorting the search results. Group identifiers allow you to set up different identifiers for different user groups, so that the system can be customized to the needs of individual users in an even better way.
  7. If it’s in FILERO, you don’t have to fiddle to set permissions, limit access, or restrict field visibility to certain user groups. It’s done automatically, according to the parameters that have been set up in accordance with you during the installation and implementation of the system. All of these settings can be expanded, deepened or changed later on.
  8. If it’s in FILERO, you won’t have to have multiple niche systems, each with their own maintenance problems, costs and integration problems, to handle different types of data or documents for different disciplines.
  9. If it’s in FILERO, it’s easy to use. The learning curve is short, and people trained in its use in one part of the organization will require no training if they move to another part of the organization that deals with different data, documents and structures.
  10. If it’s in FILERO, you can instantly find all instances of documents, emails and data relevant to the desired subject. It doesn’t matter what format the information was in - all relevant data can be found and viewed in context.
  11. If it’s in FILERO, you aren’t separating related information that happens to be in different document types. You can store all e-mails, documents, spreadsheets, images etc. related to the same subject together.
  12. If it’s in FILERO, you associate related information by storing it in the same place, but you can also create links to information stored elsewhere in FILERO. These links are created by the user and not by the database administrator, so they are only used when they are relevant to the user.

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