Set-up and maintenance

What are the manpower requirements necessary to operate the system?

They are extremely low. A FILERO system can be installed by one person in less than a day. The system will run for months without any attention at all. A few hours are required to implement updates/upgrades, which occur two to three times a year.

In addition, someone should periodically check the disk usage to make sure that storage space is added when needed and to make sure that scheduled data backups are occurring as required and that data back-ups can be run.

Describe the process for transferring and updating data from an organization's existing databases.

FILERO has a powerful API integration tool that can take data from other systems in a very large variety of standard formats and put it into FILERO automatically. Setting this up requires a trained operator. You can do this to consolidate diverse data systems as a one-time project or on a regularly basis.

Alternatively, the FILERO API can allow real-time duplication or transfer of data between your existing applications. In addition you can update data in FILERO and subsequently transfer the updated data into other existing systems.

To take an example, if your current HR (Human Resource) system has familiar input interfaces that you don't want to change, users can still use them for input. The API will automatically transfer the data into FILERO, where it is indexed, made searchable and can be accessed through FILERO's web interface as long as the user has the relevant access permissions.

Describe what information is transferred and the security of information when transferring and updating data from existing databases.

FILERO will only transfer the data you want transferred. It does not have to be a blind dump of all data. The information being transferred is as secure as the user credentials and data connections used in the transfer scheme. Since sensitive information may be transferred, this should ideally be done with isolated connections and/or encryption.

Can we create our own customizations to fit our own needs or do we need to hire LIB-IT DMS to implement them?

FILERO allows organizations to create their own customized data classes and structures. The system was designed by library science professionals, so FILERO is intuitive and well thought-out. This is one of the great strengths of FILERO, as it allows you independence from us as manufacturers. With the relevant training, you can operate the system autonomously.

You should designate a limited number of individuals who have the administrative rights to make changes. Onsite FILERO administrator training will ensure that your system administrators have all the relevant knowledge and skills.

User and user groups rights management is also fully customizable (if done in FILERO instead of via LDAP). All system settings can be customized via the FILERO web interface, so an administrator can work anywhere there is a secure browser. This means the administrator can respond to requests from managers for new data types, interfaces and user accounts extremely quickly.

For example, you might like to think about setting up a data class in FILERO that allows managers to request accounts for new users. If the administrator subscribes to RSS feeds for new records of this class, he or she will instantly know of the request and be able to set up an account instantaneously.

Does the software provide for web-based administration?

Yes. FILERO is a totally web-based system, so FILERO administration can also be carried out online.

Describe the types of reports available and how users can customize the reports they want.

ReportWeaver is a popular reporting package that is integrated with FILERO. Administrators create reports in ReportWeaver with a graphical editor. They are stored in FILERO using the administrator interface, where the access rights to run/view a report are set as well.

To view/run a report, users choose reports from the main list in the main FILERO menu. After starting the report, the results will always be displayed in a PDF file on screen which can be printed, forwarded via email, saved etc.

In principle there is no limit to the number of different customized reports that can be produced, but the exact number depends on the type of ReportWeaver licence.

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