Can I restrict users from performing different functions such as viewing, printing, emailing or exporting?

Yes. You can set FILERO permissions for any record, any document, or any location in the tree to restrict viewing and retrieval. If it cannot be viewed or retrieved, it cannot be printed or emailed. In fact, users without permissions to view a record or document will not even know that it exists, since it will not show up in their searches.

Does the software provide a hierarchical account structure that allows for varying functionality for different levels of access?

Yes. FILERO can restrict access for individual users, multiple users and user groups right down to field level for the following options: Delete, Read, Write and Show History.

Does FILERO have features to support my need for the proper management and transparency of changes to documents?

Yes. FILERO records everything that has been changed as well as details about who changed what in the document version history. The history record can only be viewed if the user has permission to do so. The administrator can not turn off this protocol function.

Does the system track every action performed by each user with details such as workstation, network address, time and date?

The server can be configured to track all of these details. FILERO shows the user who changed the information, what was changed, when it was changed and keeps a history file so all changes to the document can be viewed. All data can therefore always be found in FILERO, even when a name, address, or product detail has been changed.

How can I protect sensitive information in a document?

The best way to protect sensitive information in a document is to store it with an appropriate level of access restriction. Because redaction errors occur, mixing sensitive and public information in a single document is not advised.

If you must make part of a document more freely available while protecting other sections, we recommend the creation of two separate documents.

First, store the original document in FILERO in an access-restricted location. Retrieve the document into its usual editor (i.e. MS Word). Redact it and remove all the sensitive information. Then save the edited document to a different location in FILERO that has weaker access restrictions. This method allows you to keep a clean separation between documents containing sensitive information and redacted documents containing only the non-sensitive information.

For data stored in FILERO data records, you can set permissions at the field level. What does that mean? You can, for example, 'hide' certain fields from users or user groups, so that only users with the appropriate permissions can see them.

How secure is the document management system?

FILERO is extremely secure. It is designed to meet the very strict European Union (EU) privacy and security requirements, and the back-end database is used worldwide in many security-critical applications. Use of an SSL certificate on the server for browser and SOAP communications is very strongly recommended.

What kind of encryption does the system use for passwords and image storage?

Passwords are hashed and manipulated using the standard Windows password paradigms. In addition, the administrator can specify that users should regularly be prompted to change their passwords, and that passwords should comply to a certain pattern (i.e. inclusion of numbers, minimum password length).

Images are not automatically encrypted by the FILERO server. You may, however, encrypt them before you send them to the server and store them as binary (bit stream) files. To view them, the person retrieving them would have to have the relevant decryption software and the secret key in order to view the image.

Does the system offer the same security off site?

Yes, remote connections are secure as long as there is an appropriate encryption - i.e. with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption configured on the server.

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