FILERO & Compliance

FILERO helps organizations conform to the latest requirements for electronic archiving.

A comprehensive approach

Compliance need not be an expensive and complicated task. Implementing systems purely for the purpose of compliance can be a costly and counter-productive process. The best way for a company to protect itself from legal consequences is to implement a professional and integrated IT solution, which will also increase transparency and efficiency in the workplace. FILERO Enterprise Information Management requires no expensive infrastructure changes, has a large impact on productivity and prepares an organization to meet the stringent legal requirements.

How does FILERO fulfil the latest legal requirements?

With FILERO, the multiple requirements of legal and regulatory compliance laws are well catered for. FILERO is the ideal Enterprise Information Management solution to integrate into your ongoing compliance processes.


n FILERO, every user action is logged by user, action, time and date. This ensures complete transparency of the data in question, as all changes to data are automatically recorded and are completely revision-sure.


The unique way data is structured in FILERO conforms to requirements such as the German laws GDPdU, GoBS & Basel II. All data is stored logically, sequentially and in the context of all other data relating to the relevant transaction, customer or project. This is particularly important for documents related to tax.

Many of the laws stipulate the importance of information being easily accessible to the auditor or examiner. With FILERO, not only is all information logically stored according to content matter, but all information is full-text indexed and can be found within a matter of seconds with numerous powerful search options. Comprehensive settings for access rights allow the organization to restrict the data available to the auditor, so the auditor only sees the data that he's legally entitled to view.

Correct format

At the heart of many of the regulations is the requirement to store original copies of documents in the original format. In FILERO all types of structured and unstructured data can be stored. All documents are stored in their original format and can be retrieved in this format even when the format type is no longer supported.

Secure storage

All data must be secure and regularly backed-up. The transfer process must also be completely secure so that data is not lost and so that data can easily be transferred to another medium if required by the tax authorities or for legal purposes.

FILERO is extremely secure and the back-end database is used in many security-critical applications. A SSL certificate on the server is used for browser and SOAP communications.

Revision secure

Access in FILERO is based on user rights. Permissions can be controlled right down to field level. Security levels can be set so that documents cannot be deleted or edited by certain users or even by all users. Any editing or changes made to data or metadata are recorded by user, time, date and changes made. Not even the system administrator can override these settings.


FILERO supports document retention policies. Documents that are due for retention release can easily be identified by the administrator. FILERO's high scalability means that retention of large amounts of data for a long period of time can be satisfied.

Put simply, FILERO has been designed with compliance in mind.

FILERO - a flexible solution

FILERO's Enterprise Information Management solution has already been implemented in a wide variety of different industries. Some of our customers have even incorporated FILERO into the services they offer their own customers.

nexMart GmbH & Co. KG is an e-business service provider and provides consultancy for electronic communication between suppliers, retailers and customers. FILERO is an integral part of nexMart's digital signature solution. The digital signature is legally equivalent to a personal signature. FILERO is used by nexMart to archive all digitally signed documents and certificates of validity centrally, in their original format and in a revision-secure manner so that they can easily be audited. The solution has already been approved as conforming to German legal requirements by auditing specialists and is currently awaiting approval in Switzerland and Austria. Find out more at

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