FILERO - Enterprise Information Management System

The leading web based Enterprise Information Management solution

FILERO is cheaper, faster to install, easier to use, requires no expensive infrastructure changes, provides more functionality and has greater impact on productivity than any other system out there.

More than just Enterprise Content Management

FILERO Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS) offers a broader approach to Enterprise Content Management and allows an organization to extract a higher value from their many different content formats. Because FILERO is a truly web based system it can be implemented on your existing infrastructure, which means that costly IT upgrades can be avoided.

FILERO provides your users secure SSL worldwide multilingual access to all your content using a single database. This means that users will only need to use one intuitive single point of access rather than several complicated applications and systems. FILERO will increase productivity and motivation as well as saving time and money. FILERO can be quickly implemented in phases, according to your own requirements, because it is a flexible parameter based system which adapts to your organization's processes.

More and more organizations are recognizing the need for a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to increase user productivity and satisfy legal and regulatory compliance. The reality however is that many ECM solutions are prohibitively expensive, difficult to implement and complicated to use. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) represents a vision for integrating a broad range of content management technologies, but this has inevitably meant that many ECM providers' approaches have become fragmented as they lose focus on the wider picture and concentrate on solving smaller parts of the problem.

In contrast, FILERO offers a highly cost-effective Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution which manages the seamless integration and archiving of data from application databases, as well as all other types of structured and unstructured physical and electronic information.

Today's dilemma

  • large amounts of time spent searching for data
  • incomplete or missing files
  • wrongly allocated documents

The solution

  • an easy to use, cost efficient system
  • all archiving requirements taken care of
  • documents found quickly and easily

What sets FILERO apart?

Employees of an organization need to see not just the customer's letter about the error on the statement, but the statement itself; not just the email concerning the sale, but the invoice that records it; not just the insurance adjuster's report, but also the customer's claim history. Quite often all these items are stored in different applications and databases with different interfaces. A customer service representative might have to log on to three different systems just to find all the information to satisfy a single customer enquiry.

In contrast, FILERO provides users with the complete picture when searching. Because FILERO can store all types of data and displays all relationships between content, the user has immediate access to all data concerning a particular project or transaction. With FILERO's simple and professional google-style full text search capability, all information can be found quickly and effectively. In addition, all data is totally secure. All data changes in FILERO are tracked and stored, and the roles and permissions of each user can be controlled right down to field level if necessary.

FILERO is designed to be easily customized to accommodate an organization's activities. FILERO's seamless integration with workflow and organizational structures means that existing systems such as CRM do not have to be replaced and organizational changes of existing applications are unnecessary. This is because the simple to use FILERO SOAP API allows easy integration with other applications and system databases.

FILERO is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and Outlook, Thunderbird and Lotus Notes. Users will appreciate the seamless integration between FILERO and their PC desktop applications. The online help reduces the need for expensive training as it provides both application as well as system help, which means that new or even temporary staff can begin using the system immediately.

Extensive functionality

  • Archiving
  • Document Management
  • Email Management
  • Versioning
  • File Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Content Management
  • Records Management
  • Information Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Access Control
  • Content Integration
  • Full Text Search Engine
  • OCR Scanning
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Automatic Full Text Indexing
  • Tracking of Physical Materials
  • User Manageable Workflow
  • Reporting

Saving any kind of document in FILERO is just a click away. With one click, a document is stored, automatically full text indexed and 'revision-sure archived' in FILERO directly from programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook. The document is saved and displayed in its information context and the user can always see the context when looking at information found in a FILERO search hit list. With just another click information in FILERO can be directly opened /used /edited again in MS Word, Outlook, Excel etc. or even used as attachments for emails. The easy to use MS Office integration really saves a significant amount of time. In addition, FILERO supports nearly all document formats - for example Open Office documents, WordPerfect and CAD files. FILERO's versatility, ease of use and integration with Microsoft Office will save your organization time and money as well as facilitating a real increase in user productivity.

FILERO is therefore faster to install, easier to use, provides more functionality and has greater impact on productivity than any other system out there.

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