Systematic digitalization at Poultry Farm Schönecke with FibuNet and FILERO

The digital transformation is in full progress and is leading to fundamental changes throughout the entire business world. As in many companies, Geflügelhof Schönecke GmbH is concerned with the question of how digitalization can be used positively in order to optimize the existing business model and successfully align it to the future. The upcoming system changes in the areas of accounting and archiving prompted us to fundamentally rethink and largely automate the processes in the management and administration of the company. The integrated solution package of FibuNet GmbH and LIB-IT DMS GmbH makes a decisive contribution here. It consists of the FibuNet accounting software, the invoice processing module FibuNet webIC and the Enterprise Information Management System FILERO.

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For more than 100 years the Schönecke family has been travelling from Neu Wulmstorf in Lower Saxony to the market with eggs and poultry - today to 14 locations in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The business model of the medium-sized company Geflügelhof Schönecke GmbH focuses on the trade of selected poultry meat and free-range eggs to wholesalers and end consumers. In our own branches, we also offer high-quality sausage and ham specialties, home-made gourmet salads and cold and warm dishes. Part of the product range is also sold via an own online shop.   

In order to meet today's and future challenges, it is necessary to keep up to date for the latest technological developments and to constantly optimize internal processes. The accounting program Sage Office Line, which was in use until the beginning of 2017, was no longer able to meet the requirements associated with the company's growth and increased complexity. In particular, relevant information for corporate management could either not be obtained at all or only with a high level of workload. The electronic filing of invoices, receipts and delivery notes with ELOoffice was also inappropriately labor-intensive and time-consuming. At the beginning of 2017, this concluded in the decision to replace the existing systems.

In the selection process, FibuNet and LIB-IT were able to convince with an integrated and field-proven overall solution for the modernization of accounting and administration, which offered the opportunity for extensive automation of the processes in the business administration. Within the framework of the overall concept, the web-based Enterprise Information System FILERO of LIB-IT DMS GmbH acts as a system-leading integration platform. The pre-developed integration interface with FibuNet-Financial Accounting and the invoice processing module FibuNet webIC makes it possible that business operations with all master data, contracts and correspondence can be created centrally in FILERO so that the commercial processes can be largely automated and comprehensively processed.

Fully integrated interaction of the systems increases accuracy and efficiency

In the future, master data of business partners - such as debtors, creditors, suppliers or affiliated companies - will only be recorded in FILERO at Poultry Farm Schönecke and will be transferred into upstream and downstream systems, such as FibuNet Financial Accounting, and are immediately available for the handling of all kinds of business processes in all systems.

Via the interface to the merchandise management system iFood, which has also been pre-developed, all outgoing invoices generated with iFood as well as all recorded incoming invoices are automatically transferred to the FibuNet Financial Accounting system for booking and all associated documents are archived in FILERO.

Schönecke now scans and digitally archives the approximately 7,500 incoming invoices received annually immediately after receipt of the invoice. With the help of the invoice processing module FibuNet webIC, most of the data relevant to accounting is automatically recognized, read out and transferred into account assignment proposals. The invoice data and documents digitalized in this way are forwarded to the responsible auditing and approval groups in one process. After approval or release of the departments responsible according to the role concept, the digitalized invoices are automatically transferred to Financial Accounting for booking with attachments and account assignment proposals completed at the processing levels. All bookkeeping-relevant documents are archived in FILERO in accordance with GoBD and can now be accessed at the push of a button for viewing during bookkeeping processes or for analyses from FibuNet.

All-over transactions through process digitization

FILERO enables the storage and access to all data, documents, e-mails, files and other content available in the company. In FILERO, processes and workflows can be mapped flexibly and archived files and content can be assigned in relation to operations or transactions. The software logs every change, establishes relationships between information and finds the archived files and all content quickly and completely, even in appropriately designed workflows. Geflügelhof Schönecke GmbH already uses these advantages for optimized operation processing in the areas of vehicle administration, contracts, marketing and administration of mobile devices.

With FILERO, all customer or supplier-related processes, including complete correspondence and e-mail communication, all contracts, documents, call notes and invoices, are completely available at the click of a button for the first time "in a single access".

By accessing all documents, content and data related to an operation, corresponding operations can now be processed and documented seamlessly. In conjunction with the creation of target deadlines for processing, this opens up completely new possibilities for controlling information-based processes. Even for authorized "outsiders" who are not in charge of an operation, the processing status of an operation can be viewed at any time and, if desired, monitored.

Enhanced business intelligence through easy and complete access to relevant data

Since the introduction of the system at Poultry Farm Schönecke, quantity-related data such as number, weight or energy values are now recorded directly in FibuNet Financial Accounting together with finance-based postings. This data is available in accounting for cost allocation calculations or in financial reports for key figure evaluations in the FibuNet report designer "Online".

The planned supplement of the accounting with the controlling component FibuNet webBI is intended to further increase transparency and the ability to provide information. Decisive factors for the decision in favor of FibuNet webBI were the high degree of integration with the FibuNet basic modules and the already well-developed solution approach. It also means that planning and budgeting are carried out in the same system. The resulting data is available in FibuNet webBI in the same database for reports and plan/actual analyses.

In the context of using FILERO as a central integration platform, the existing applications are connected with each other. All existing data can be pooled and managed centrally. In this process, the (data) structure of a company is simulated and the unstructured data of a company is restructured. In this way, loose data collections become a real source of information. 

"The introduction of FibuNet and FILERO is a milestone in our company development" says Henner Schönecke, managing partner of Geflügelhof Schönecke GmbH. "As a result of the consequent and consistent digitalization, we have been able to considerably accelerate management and administration processes. In addition to the enormous increase in efficiency, this was an important contribution to securing the future of our business model."

About Geflügelhof Schönecke GmbH

The main location of the Schönecke company is Neu Wulmstorf in the northern part of Lower Saxony. The farm keeps the laying hens in floor (barn) and free-range systems. The company has been family-owned for over 100 years. Today, Henner Schönecke and Ruth Staudenmayer run the company in the fourth generation. The 14 locations in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein employ 120 people and generate annual sales of around 8 million euros.  

The daily fresh eggs are carefully checked for quality by experienced staff directly on the farm so that they can be delivered the next morning. Short distances between the nest and your shopping location ensure freshness and quality from the region.

Schönecke selects its partner companies according to high standards. Sensible, species-appropriate keeping and high meat quality are our top priorities. The assortment includes ducks, turkeys, geese and chickens from Northern Germany as well as guinea fowls, quails and the noble "Label Rouge" chicken from France. The turkey and the "Kikok" chicken farmers as well have changed to drug-free breeding. German game, New Zealand lamb and Ostrich bird from South Africa complete the seasonal assortment.

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