Professional information management with FILERO and estos

FILERO, the leading web-based enterprise information management solution, is now offering an interface to MetaDirectory 4 Enterprise, the well-known LDAP server from estos

The FILERO enterprise information management system (EIMS) provides a comprehensive approach to enterprise content management and allows organisations to generate added value from their various content formats. In FILERO, a company’s existing contact and address data can be stored, archived and used in day-to-day business together with all of the company’s other data and documents, in compliance with the GoBD (Principles for Properly Maintaining and Storing Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form as well as for Data Access).

In late 2017, the manufacturer responsible for FILERO, LIB-IT DMS GmbH, entered into partnership with estos, an independent producer of unified communications and CTI software, leading to the development of a unidirectional interface for the LDAP server MetaDirectory. The latter merges different databases into one single, consistent LDAP directory that can be used across the entire company. FILERO users benefit from this interface, as replicating the data in the MetaDirectory also provides access to information from FILERO for other programmes in company-wide use. Versioning and access rights to sensitive data are centrally controlled and managed via FILERO.

In practice, this interaction can occur in the following way:

When changing a personal or address data set in FILERO, an amendment file is made available to the MetaDirectory. The changes are collected and processed every 30 minutes. Once a day (e.g. every morning at 6:00 a.m.), the entire list of addresses and persons is exported from FILERO and sent to the MetaDirectory for the purpose of complete synchronisation.

Using the MetaDirectory therefore also enables FILERO to be interlinked more strongly with unified communications software such as ProCall Enterprise by estos. Among other things, this opens up a conversation window during an incoming call, which provides important information about the caller. A company can individually determine what information is shown. This conversation window also displays information stored in FILERO.

About estos

estos – enables easy communication

estos GmbH is an independent manufacturer of innovative building blocks for unified communications. Since 1997, estos has developed professional standard software for small and medium-sized companies, helping them improve their business processes in communication-intensive areas. As a technology leader, estos’ competences lie in the areas of computer telephony integration (CTI), unified messaging software (UMS) and SIP-, XMPP-, LDAP- as well as WebRTC-based applications that enable easy audio/video communication.

estos GmbH
Petersbrunner Str. 3a
82319 Starnberg 

Contact: Susanna Heine, Deputy Head of Marketing & Communications

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