FILERO – Time tracking with timeBuzzer

How simple it can be: buzz, work, buzz – tracking your working time is easy with the FILERO Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS).

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Time tracking is indispensable, but often burdensome, unpopular, and time-consuming. At many companies, computer work time and other office activities need to be booked to projects, cost centers, customers, software development products, or some other entities. Time tracking is often forgotten during a hectic working day, then guessed at and entered retroactively at the end of the week or even month. It doesn't take much imagination to see how imprecise such estimates are.

Starting with Version 3.2, FILERO has the ideal solution for the problem of time tracking: an interface to timeBuzzer®.

Projects, cost centres, and other elements to which time can be booked are initially defined. The employee hits the buzzer at the workstation, rotates to select from the elements displayed on the screen, and hits it again. Time tracking is now on. When the work is complete, the buzzer is hit again, and a note can be added to the working time, which is then booked to the selected element in FILERO.

From this point forward, the entire functional scope of the EIMS is available in FILERO. Depending on the customer-specific application and setup of FILERO, this can range from project documentation or internal controlling, to contract and personnel management or ticket systems, to automated customer billing followed by GoBD-compliant archiving of the invoice.

Customer-specific analysis of buzzer times, including formatted reports, is also possible, of course.

"timeBuzzer® is an ideal extension for FILERO, as this interface solves a problem that many customers face in reality, with a very flexible and elegant approach. Buzzing is easy and even fun," explains Dagmar Causley, Managing Director of LIB-IT DMS GmbH.

The interface will be available with the new Version 3.2 of FILERO in the first quarter of 2018.

About timeBuzzer®

"timeBuzzer – time tracking is fun." This sentence summarises the philosophy behind the sale of hardware and software for desktop and cloud.

timeBuzzer GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 120
34119 Kassel

Tel: +49 561 9868 1576

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