FILERO and Sage Office Line—a perfect team

LIB-IT DMS GmbH and MS-Consult EDV-Management und Systemberatung GmbH reach a cooperative agreement on the integration of the FILERO Enterprise Information Management System with Sage Office Line.

The FILERO Office Line Solution developed by MS-Consult provides the customers of both companies with options for designing economically efficient automated process flows between FILERO and Office Line.The result is a significant increase in efficiency within the company, with continuous processes and reliable information.

The standard function of the interface allows replication of addresses and contact partners.Receipts from Sage Office Line can also be optionally automatically archived in FILERO.Handover of invoice receipts in accounting and approval processes is just a few mouse clicks away as well, and can be set up on a project-specific basis.

Michael Söhn, director of MS-Consult, says:The customer saves a huge amount of time and frustration and avoids double data management.Business processes are optimized, following the motto, ‘You have better ways to invest your money than in wasted time…’”

In addition to the management and archiving of addresses, contacts, and accounting receipts, FILERO can perform many other functions within the company, such as contract management, applicant and personnel management, asset management, license management, project documentation, version control and archiving of written documents, including emails, resubmission of transactions, and much more.

Of course, FILERO can also be adapted and expanded to meet specific customer needs, such as a ticket system for support questions. Furthermore, it can exchange additional data with all sorts of systems via the well-documented API.The goal of many companies is to have a single point of access for all company-related information and documents.

“It’s hard to describe the a-ha effect customers experience when they can see and evaluate company data from a wide range of sources in FILERO under one user interface,” says Dagmar Causley, director of LIB-IT DMS GmbH, about her experience from many projects.

About MS-Consult:

MS-Consult EDV-Management und Systemberatung GmbH provides companies with worldwide solutions on the basis of the Sage Office Line for implementing enterprise resource management and financial accounting software.

MS-Consult EDV-Management und Systemberatung GmbH
Nibelungenstrasse 351
DE-64686 Lautertal/Reichenbach

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