LIB-IT GmbH & LIB-IT DMS GmbH: Two companies - one concept

As a global software business, both our companies stand for innovative and economical solutions for the storage and searching of all types of structured and unstructured data, using modern object-oriented database technologies. Our web-based Enterprise Information Management System FILERO is used by both public and private sector customers.

About our companies

As LIB-IT is a global system supplier, both LIBERO and FILERO are multilingual Unicode compliant systems and are therefore able to support the diverse needs of international organisations. There are 450+ installations installed worldwide, running in a variety of network environments and on the majority of hardware server platforms.

Founded back in 1996, LIB-IT GmbH now offers consulting services in the library and archive sector.

LIB-IT DMS GmbH, founded in 2003, developed a centralised, integrated web-based solution for document management as a response to our corporate customer demands. FILERO has been designed from the outset to deliver this integrated capability from a common platform, and also to be platform independent. FILERO is about the consolidation of strategies, best practices and technologies in order to make possible a comprehensive approach to the integration and management of data, as well as the provision of reliable information.

FILERO covers a range of different vital business functions such as archiving, file management, document versioning, email management, data management, knowledge management as well as content integration. Our portfolio is complemented by services in the areas of data analysis and conversion of old systems, as well as consulting, training, support, software installation and ASP services.

Visit the FILERO Website.

Our aim: more value for you!

The LIB-IT companies are located 20 km north of Stuttgart. The companies are financially independent and stand for continuity, stable pricing policy, technical know-how and continuous development of products. The LIB-IT companies are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

For this reason, all new FILERO functions (as long as they are not third-party products), as well as improvements to the database system, are provided free of charge as part of the product maintenance contract.

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