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  • In view of the continuously changing content by comments and in the forum, it is not possible for the owners to consistently sort through all contributions, check their content and exercise immediate and active control thereof. No responsibility will be assumed for the content, correctness and form of the contributions posted.
  • Logging on to "" signifies that the user – hereinafter referred to as »member« – agrees to the following conditions of use specified by the owners: Members taking part in discussion forums and submitting comments undertake to,
    1. Refrain from using any kind of insult, actionable content, pornography and coarse language in their contributions,
    2. Assume sole responsibility for content posted by them, not to infringe the rights of third parties (in particular their trademark, copyright and personal rights) and to keep the owners of "" fully indemnified against third party claims arising from their contributions.
    3. Refrain from placing any kind of advertising in forums or in comments and refrain from using forums and comments for any kind of commercial activity. This is particularly applicable to the publication of »0900« telephone numbers for any purpose whatsoever.
  • Members do not have any right to have their submitted comments or forum contributions published. The owners of "" reserve the right to edit or delete comments and forum contributions at their discretion. By infringement of the obligations stated in 1), 2) and 3) above, the owners also reserve the right to suspend the membership for a limited period or to permanently cancel it. If the member wishes to make use of the facility allowing submission of personal contributions for the editorial section of "", the following conditions apply:
  • A prerequisite for the posting of personal contributions is that the member has entered his given and family names completely and correctly in his "" / user profile or enters these names after submitting the article. The submitted contribution will be flagged with the names entered on official publication.
  • The member declares the following for all contributions which he or she will submit to "" in the future:
  • The member affirms that the contributions submitted do not infringe the rights (in particular the trademark, copyright and personal rights) of third parties. This applies to all contributions and pictorial works submitted.
  • The member grants the owners of "" an unrestricted right of use for the submitted contributions. This includes publication in the Internet on "" and other internet servers, in news letters, printed media and other publications.
  • If requested by the member in an Email to the Webmaster's address, the submitted contributions will be deleted or made anonymous. The deletion or anonymisation will be carried out within 7 days after receipt of the request. The owners are only liable for consequential damages arising from the late deletion of the contribution if such damages do not involve a breach of the member's obligations – as defined in 1), 2) and 3) above – and in addition result from gross negligence or intent of the owners of "". In this connection we must point out that "" is regularly indexed by search engines and that we have no influence on where and how long contributions that we have published remain in and are retrievable from search-engine and web-catalogue databases after they have been deleted from
  • Members do not have any right to have their submitted comments stored, published or archived. The owners reserve the right not to publish contributions, to edit them before publication or to delete them after publication at their discretion and without giving reasons for so doing.
  • No claims whatever against "" for the remuneration of the member (royalties, licence fees, expenses or similar) arise from the publication of submitted contributions. Any cooperation is on an honorary basis and gratuitous. If the user wishes to make use of the facility allowing submission of personal or commercial data, the divulgement of this data by the user shall be entirely voluntary. The usage of our services is – where technically possible and reasonable – also permitted without the divulgement of such data or with the use of anonymous data or a pseudonym. Further important information regarding data protection may be found in our Privacy Policy.
  • The user is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the user name/password combination and not to pass it on to third parties, and agrees to immediately notify the owners if it is suspected that the access data are being misused. The provider of third-party internet sites, which are accessible through links from this content, is responsible for the content of said sites. The owners of "" are not responsible for the content of such third-party sites. In addition, this website can be made accessible – without our knowledge – by links from other websites. The owners of "" do not assume any responsibility for the representation, content or any connection to this website displayed on third-party websites. The owners are only then responsible for the content of such sites when they have definite knowledge of the content (i.e. also knowledge of illegal or actionable content) and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use. The German Teledienstgesetz (Teleservices Act) does not oblige the owners to continuously monitor third-party content.
  • Please address any further questions regarding "" to the webmaster.· These General Terms of Use refer to the website "". Insofar as parts or individual formulations within this text are no longer or not fully in conformity with the currently valid legal position, this shall be without prejudice to the remaining parts of the present document in respect of its content and validity.

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