LIB-IT Data Conversion (LIBERO)

The following table gives a rough overview of the sequence of events for a standard LIB-IT data conversion process.

Nr. Aktivität Wer? Bemerkungen
1. Parameters set-up / consultancy with the customer LIB-IT /
2. Completed parameter handbook returned to LIB-IT Customer
3. Data analysis - at the customer's LIB-IT /
4. Data analysis documentation created LIB-IT
5. Agreement on data analysis results LIB-IT / Customer Countersigned by responsible librarians
6. 1st data cut sent to LIB-IT for conversion Customer
7. 1st data conversion LIB-IT
8. Hardware installation for data test Customer
9. Installation of Caché, LIBERO, and 1st converted data for testing LIB-IT Full administrator rights required
10. Data test training LIB-IT / Customer
11. Test phase Customer
12. Checking of test results, check sent to LIB-IT Customer Sent by e-mail
13. 2nd data conversion (using 1st data cut) LIB-IT
14. Send 2nd data conversion to customer LIB-IT
15. 2nd converted data loaded Customer
16. 2nd Test phase Customer
17. Checking of 2nd test results, check sent to LIB-IT Customer Sent by e-mail
18. Inclusion of the results in the conversion program LIB-IT
19. Final data cut sent to LIB-IT for data conversion Customer
20. Customer checking of 2nd data conversion Customer Sent by e-mail
21. 3rd conversion with final data cut LIB-IT
22. 3rd converted data sent LIB-IT
23. 3rd converted data loaded Customer
24. Go live/in house support Customer / LIB-IT

Data conversion is done with standard conversion programmes and standard interfaces. Record descriptions can also be made available if required.

When doing a data conversion it is in principle also possible to clean up data at the same time. Almost all customers have chosen to do this.

Data has already been converted to the LIBERO system from the following systems

  • Sisis GmbH Sikat, Siera
  • DABIS BIS (SWB-Daten)
  • IBM/Elias Dobis/Libis
  • Dynix/MDIS Urica
  • B.O.N.D. Bibliotheca
  • Faust LARS
  • Biber BIBDIA
  • Pergamon
  • Oracle OLIP
  • Datapoint Datalibris
  • MPI Eigenentw. LIBRIS
  • F+A
  • Word-Dateien
  • Access-Dateien
  • Excel-Dateien
  • dBase-Dateien
  • numerous conversions of customers' own systems

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