Recommended hardware configuration

Example for server with Windows operating system

All current Windows systems can be considered for use as hardware for the database server. Depending on the size of your complete system, appropriately powerful systems should be used in accordance with the suggestions and recommendations of LIB-IT GmbH. This will ensure an adequate level of performance.

With regard to availability and the degree of data security, a range of options is available which, alongside hardware solutions such as USV and RAID systems, form an integral part of the database system. Among these options are 'Journaling', which ensures the integrity of the data in case of a system failure or interrupted power supply, as well as Server Shadowing.

You will need to use a server, on which all data resides. The database server should have about 80 GB of disk space - this might be more depending on the size of the library. The LIBERO application needs ca. 1 GB incl. all online help. Titles require an average of 3 to 5 KB of disk space each (without image processing), which means that e.g. 10,000 titles require about 50 MB.

In addition to this though, there must be additional disk space for Windows itself as well as for additional applications and data such as Office applications.

The software licensor identifies the following minimum hardware requirements for the use of Libero:

  1. LIBERO Server:

    For the database:
    For the database Caché 2010.2 which is used in conjunction with LIBERO, there is a complete list of technical specifications and requirements on the InterSystems Web site (

    For the LIBERO Software:
    • 4 GB or more RAM
    • 1 GB disc space for LIBERO
    • ca. 120 GB disc space or more
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Microsoft Internet Information Services
    • Internet access and software for remote access (for maintenance purposes)
    • Network card
    • VGA Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse
    • Windows Server Software
    • Virus protection software
    • Eventually firewall software
    • Software for decompressing 7z files (to unpack the updates). Common tools are e.g. WinZip, WinRAR or 7zip.
    • Acrobat Reader (to view the electronic documentation)

  2. LIBERO Clients:

    To run LIBERO v6 a minimum of 4 gigabytes (GB) of system memory is
    required with a supported browser. LIBERO v6 will run under Internet
    Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other standard browsers. Internet Explorer 8 is the only supported browser as full testing has not been completed in other browsers. If you wish to use a browser other than Internet Explorer 8, then you should check the LIBERO help for any known information under these environments and be aware
    that it is currently not supported.

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