ODBC interface

LIBERO offers a standard ODBC interface which allows you to access the entire database through a report generator such as Crystal Reports.

With this facility the library / the archive can create its own statistics, letters and lists of any design or layout. Data can be selected and sorted and then transferred into any ODBC compliant Windows program, such as Excel, Lotus, dBase, FoxPro, Access, Word, HTML format or ASCII text format.

Protecting your investment

With the ODBC interface, LIBERO possesses a data export function with the relevant documentation that ensures that all data which is saved in the system is exported in text format and can therefore be imported into another system at any time.

The ODBC interface provides access to practically every LIBERO database field. Using a standard report generator such as Crystal Reports, publications in any number of formats can be generated.

Creating reports which comply with your library’s corporate identity made easy.

Due to the way LIBERO stores all data and does not for example overwrite one day’s statistics with the next, statistics for any time period can be produced. The obsolete organizational principle of "close of the day’s business" no longer applies. The library / The archive can generate and print statistics, reports, lists, overdue reminders, orders etc. at any time.

LIBERO v6 at the 103. German Library Days in...

Congress Center, Hall 5, Stand 19 - 03. to 06. June 2014.

LIBERO Digital Library is launched

Exciting innovation

WiDGET 2.0 for LIBERO released

The demand for mobile services is constantly growing and with LIBERO libraries can meet their users' demand.