At a glance

  • Server available for Windows 2003, Windows 2008, 32/64 BIT
  • Available für Windows XP, Vista (32 BIT), Windows 7, Browser MS Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • WebOPAC suitable for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • Completely web-based system
  • Object oriented standard database system
  • Standard SQL and ODBC interface
  • Microsoft Windows compatible user interface throughout
  • Application features internet access and integration
  • Data security achieved through support of full journaling, RAID, disk mirroring and roll back recovery
  • All modules are complete and integrated
  • Variable field and reecord lengths throughout
  • Parallel support of bibliographic formats: MAB2, Marc21, UniMarc, UKMarc, further (own) fields and indexes can be generated online
  • Unicode based data management
  • Suitable for libraries of all sizes: single workstation systems, multiple workstation systems, union systems
  • Suitable for libraries of all types: scientific libraries, public libraries, specialist libraries, corporate libraries, governmental libraries, school libraries and mobile libraries
  • Suitable for databases of all sizes - from a few thousand to several million titles
  • Full multimedia integration: images, audio and video as well as catalogue cards
  • Peripherals: any printer which can run on the supported Windows versions with the appropriate printer driver can be connected and operated. Any scanning device (wand, handheld, desk scanner or self issue unit) which can be integrated into a Windows network or which can be attached to a PC can be used.
  • RFID antennae can also be easily integrated into the system via a software wedge.
  • Barcodes: LIBERO can process all standard barcode types, e.g. Code39, Interleave 2 of 5, OCR, EAN, each with or without check digits. Barcodes can be printed directly during inventory.
  • Terminal services (e.g. CITRIX) are supported. An ASP provision is also possible by these means. Deploying the most modern technology will secure the future of your library

LIBERO v6 at the 103. German Library Days in...

Congress Center, Hall 5, Stand 19 - 03. to 06. June 2014.

LIBERO Digital Library is launched

Exciting innovation

WiDGET 2.0 for LIBERO released

The demand for mobile services is constantly growing and with LIBERO libraries can meet their users' demand.