LIBERO v6 - what is new?

  1. Web-based library software without client installation

    Relieve your IT! From LIBERO v6 onwards only a server installation is required. All users access the software via a browser. A LIBERO client installation on individual workstations is no longer necessary.

    Additional programs and special tools such as Crystal Reports®, FetchCat, LIBERO Mail Agent, the Unicode Converter etc. , still require a client installation however.

  2. New Interface

    Everything happens in the browser!

    The browser screens have a new layout. In addition to a central work area in the middle of the screen there is the Application Toolbar for quick access to key features on the left and the Workflow Toolbar for quick access to the workflow options that guide the user to further functions with one click.

  3. Workflow-oriented

    Dashboards facilitate the overview and quick access to the main program functions and parameters.

    The "Go to page" function allows quick access to menu options by entering screen numbers. 

    The Workflow Toolbar at the right of the screen can be opened or closed as needed, and provides a direct access to further features. The toolbar offeres in each case access to all the functions that allow smooth and fast workflow - starting from the screen that is currently in use.
LIBERO v6 Toolbars

LIBERO v6 at the 103. German Library Days in...

Congress Center, Hall 5, Stand 19 - 03. to 06. June 2014.

LIBERO Digital Library is launched

Exciting innovation

WiDGET 2.0 for LIBERO released

The demand for mobile services is constantly growing and with LIBERO libraries can meet their users' demand.