Union cataloguing


The LIBERO union cataloguing system operates with all member libraries in a 'top down' architecture:

  • Cataloguing in the union catalogue
  • Observing the union system's authority records
  • Receiving the record online in a matter of seconds
  • Subsequently entering any required local details
  • Automatically receiving changes to the union catalogue record

LIBERO union cataloguing system specifications

Main points

  • The cataloguing process is made simpler and more efficient
  • Each library with its own local system can build up its own ways of using the application
  • Each library with its own local system can connect to its own branch libraries
  • Registered users can search in the complete union catalogue or in a combination of local system library catalogues
  • Registered users can place reserves on items throughout the union system


  • Union system = union catalogue and individual local systems
  • Union catalogue = complete bibliographic details from all local systems plus item status and member status
  • Local catalogue = all data belonging to a local system
  • Branch = part of a local system (which may be physically separate)

The union system concept

The union concept consists of the following components:

  • A union catalogue
  • A combined membership file with basic data for all members registered in the union system
  • An item file with the loan status of all media/materials

The local systems download bibliographic data (catalogue data) from the union catalogue, but they can also create local catalogue records which are not transferred to the union catalogue.

The local systems can also define local MARC or MAB fields which are not permitted to be overwritten when bibliographic data (catalogue data) from the union catalogue is transferred.

A nightly process exports the status data of each member and item to the union database. Adding and maintaining catalogue records is carried out in the union catalogue and the catalogue details are transferred back to the local databases using a real time demon process.

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