Top level management functions

Extensive management functions

The management functionalities place top level management functions at the library’s disposal.

Top level functions - highlights

  • Creating claims notices (for the whole system, by location, excluding particular member categories)
  • Creating orders (system wide or user by user)
  • Creating reserve notices (system wide, by location, excluding particular member categories)
  • Deleting expired reserves
  • Creating automatic blacklists
  • Stock weeding
  • Catalogue transfers
  • Stocktaking procedures

The management functions also supports the database administration with systems maintenance and management modules.

System maintenance - highlights

  • Monitoring the LOG file
  • Database reindexing routines
  • Batch processes such as holidngs monitoring and conversion routines
  • Creating/copying/deleting databases
  • Global changes
  • Auto startups
  • Network stress test
  • ODBC database set-up
LIBERO v6 Management Functions

Due to the way LIBERO stores all data and does not, for example overwrite one day's statistics with the next, statistics for any time period or even time of the day can be produced. The obsolete organizational principle of "close of the day's business" therefore no longer applies.

LIBERO v6 at the 103. German Library Days in...

Congress Center, Hall 5, Stand 19 - 03. to 06. June 2014.

LIBERO Digital Library is launched

Exciting innovation

WiDGET 2.0 for LIBERO released

The demand for mobile services is constantly growing and with LIBERO libraries can meet their users' demand.