Multimedia integration

Image integration

Images are integrated into LIBERO in several places in the system:

  • Member record (1 image)
  • Catalogue record (unlimited number of images)
  • Name authority record (1 image)
LIBERO v6 Multimedia Integration

In WebOPAC the following image types can be displayed: bmp, png, gif, jpg.

Images can be enlarged by up to 400%, rotated, reflected and inverted.

This function can also be used to display scanned catalogue cards.

LIBERO v6 Multimedia Integration

With the stanard image function of the WebOPAC only bmp-, gif- und jpg formats can be displayed.

Audio and video integration

Audio and video files as well as PDF files can also be integrated into the LIBERO catalogue record and made accessible in WebOPAC.

LIBERO v6 at the 103. German Library Days in...

Congress Center, Hall 5, Stand 19 - 03. to 06. June 2014.

LIBERO Digital Library is launched

Exciting innovation

WiDGET 2.0 for LIBERO released

The demand for mobile services is constantly growing and with LIBERO libraries can meet their users' demand.