Access management / security

Management of access permissions

LIBERO v6 provides a role-based access policy which allows a very fine-grained access control.

User Profile

The User Profile option is used to setup Users, edit User details, assign Permissions to the User and block access to specified Databases if required. Any existing Users will be listed in the Users table. New Users can also be created via a file import process.

LIBERO v6 User Profile
Security Roles

The Security Roles option is used to create Roles that are then linked to Resources to determine the menu options available to Users allocated to that particular Role.

The Roles will generally indicate the type of staff member, for example, Team Leaders, Collections Staff, General Staff etc. A User can be allocated multiple Roles so it is not necessary to have a Role for every individual staff position in your Library, as Roles with the least number of permissions can be grouped together to form a Role allowing access to multiple functions.

LIBERO v6 Security Roles
Security Resources

The Security Resources option allows you to allocate Resources to a Role. There are 4 different types of Resources that can be allocated:

  • Menu Resources:
    These are the menu options that can be made available to Users linked to the Role.

  • UI Resources:
    These are the User Interface components on screens and include Workflow Actions buttons (Save, Delete, Create New xx, etc) and some Application and Workflow Toolbar links. Not all Menu Options have their components programmed for UI Resource Security. It is only available on selected screens where there may be a need for Users to access the menu option but not perform maintenance or processing functions. Where a Menu Option does have UI Resource Security, it may not necessarily include all UI components on the screen. It is not available on buttons such as Refresh and Clear screen or other buttons where no changes are made to the database.

  • Field Resources
    These are the text-based data components on screens e.g. text field, combo box, listbox etc. Field Resource Security enables the fields to be given Write permission. If a User does not have Write permission on a field they will not be able to edit the data in that field. Currently the screens that have Field Resource Security enabled are:

    • Item Record
    • Order Entry
    • Invoice Maintenance
    • Supplier Record
    • Catalogue Record
    • Member Record

  • Reports Resources:
    These are the Reports defined via the User Reports Functionality that can be made available to Users linked to the Role.
LIBERO v6 Security Resources

Quality of data is maintained by differentiated access rights

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