Security settings and access rights

FILERO provides users with secure SSL worldwide multilingual access to all your content using a single database.

In FILERO the administrator has complete control over user management and can set access rights right down to field level, meaning that information is always secure and only seen by those with the corresponding permissions.

Control of access rights

FILERO contains a complete user management and user group management which can either be maintained by a LDAP interface or maintained manually. All users are ‘named users’. Control of access settings in the system area allows the restriction of end user access rights according to the sensitivity of the information. These settings can be set to restrict certain individuals from viewing certain data, or likewise can be extended to restrict user-groups from accessing sensitive information – for example personnel files or financial data. The ability to delete or edit data can also be restricted.

User administration

For added security, user management can be easily integrated into existing user management system servers (LDAP, Active Directory, NDS), so that a company’s user management for all applications can be handled in one central system. This makes user administration very easy. If there is no customer administration server, FILERO offers its own user administration so that a separate server is not necessary. FILERO also supports Win2K Kerberos Authentication.

Flexibility for you

Access rights can be setup for all levels:

  • Archive (Client, Data area)
  • Class (File)
  • Attribute (Field)
  • Object (Data record, Document etc.)

FILERO has a role-based user management administration system which allows customers to comprehensively define the access rights for every end user, right down to record level and within each different data category. This means that for every archive or data record you can decide which users or user groups have the right to:

  • View
  • Search
  • Change
  • Delete
  • Add

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