Customer specific applications and interfaces

FILERO is easily adaptable to the needs of your organisation.

Adapting the Front End

The user interface of FILERO is a web front end and the interface can easily be changed to mirror the ‘look and feel’ of the customer’s corporate identity by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The interface can even be integrated into existing web applications, frameworks and portals.

Flexibility for you

FILERO is used as the central interface to combine existing applications with one another and to consolidate and manage all available data. The data structure of an organization is replicated and an organization’s unstructured data is newly structured. In this manner an incoherent collection of data can become a proper source of information.

The exchange of data with customer applications is standardized and adapted by means of the universal FILERO programming interface (API):

FILERO programming interface - API

FILERO provides a well-defined API which may be used by external applications to interact with FILERO. As FILERO supports standard interfaces, the API (Universal Application Programming Interface) may be used by external applications to access FILERO from different programming languages and technologies (i.e. Java, C++, VB, C#, Delphi, Web Services, etc.).

OBDC interface

FILERO also includes a standard ODBC interface which allows access to the entire database with the help of a report generator (e.g. ReportWeaver). FILERO automatically generates the ODBC tables of your FILERO database. This function makes it possible for your organization to create your own database queries, reports, statistics, letters and lists.

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