Combining, supporting and migrating applications

FILERO can be implemented on your existing infrastructure, which means that costly IT upgrades can be avoided.

Combining FILERO with other applications

FILERO is designed to be easily customized to accommodate an organization's activities. FILERO's seamless integration with workflow and organizational structures means that existing systems do not have to be replaced and organizational changes of existing applications are unnecessary. This is because the simple to use FILERO SOAP API allows easy integration with the other applications and system databases.

A FILERO customer can attach existing applications such as Document Management, Archiving Systems, Management Information Systems, and Knowledge Management Systems etc. to FILERO:


Adding FILERO to your existing applications and system environment means:

  • Using current applications and systems
  • Combining all data sources into your EIMS
  • Transforming your data into knowledge and information

Numerous possibilities

If the customer wants, FILERO can also take over the functions of existing systems.

A FILERO customer can thus choose between combining existing applications such as Document Management, Archiving Systems, Content Management Systems, Knowledge Management Systems etc. with FILERO or replacing them with FILERO.

Experience has shown that users quickly become so familiar with FILERO that they want to place all their data in FILERO and transfer the functions of existing systems to FILERO. FILERO does not just combine existing applications – it can also replace them and further save costs.


Life can be so easy - with FILERO!

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