EIM: the challenges for today's organizations

According to testimony from leading consultancy firms, the introduction and use of an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system has become a requirement in today’s market.

The importance of managing your data

Having information at your fingertips is essential for fulfilling your objectives – it is therefore vitally important that all information in your organization is secured and properly managed. This presents employers with new challenges and compels a serious rethink of the handling of company data and information.

The majority of firms and organizations has an established IT structure and will only reluctantly give it up. Quite often this IT landscape consists of separate databases and there are often no links between them whatsoever. Financial data could be located in any number of different systems – for example in an accounting program or in the payroll system. Additional information might be saved in small, separate databases such as Excel lists, or as a whole range of different file types in different databases.

It is not surprising that users are now spending more and more time searching and trying to find the information they require, whilst at the same time becoming more and more frustrated at not being able to find the information they want. FILERO offers system users centralized access to all relevant data. Not only does this increase user satisfaction, but it also saves time, money and unnecessary effort.

Core issues to be solved

  • Organizations are suffering from an ever-increasing overload of information
  • Legal requirements for audit-compliant information systems must be met
  • The complexity of the information must be managed
  • The correct information must be made available ‘just-in-time’ to the business process

We do not believe that 'better' search tools will solve this problem. We doubt that Desktop Search, Portals and other software will match the users’ needs. Don’t Search – Find!

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