You send us the name and contact data for the prospective buyer by e-mail to sales[at] or you can use the contact form.


We will immediately check whether or not the prospect is already known to us:

  • If no: LIB-IT will assign a customer number and inform you that the prospect is registered in your name.
  • If yes: We will inform you that this prospect is already known to us. LIB-IT reserves the right in to decide on an individual basis however, whether or not the Tip will be admitted.


We contact the prospect and inform you as soon as a date for the presentation has been agreed.


Should it come to a successful conclusion of a contract for FILERO, you will also be informed and 10% of the license contract price (without tax, without operating costs such as maintenance, rental and leasing fees) will be paid out into an account which you have designated.

Note: The taxation of this revenue remains your responsibility as a Tip Partner.


Life can be so easy - with FILERO!

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